The anti-Scorched training pistol is a weapon in Fallout 76.


The anti-Scorched training pistol is a customized 10mm pistol given to the player character during the quest Into the Fire. It does 25% more damage to the Scorched, but 20% less damage to all other enemies. Its bullets are made with depleted ultracite, causing increased damage to the Scorched and making the fired shots blue in color.

Weapon modifications

Unlike many other named variants of weapons, this pistol cannot be modified in any way. As a result, weapon skins cannot be applied to this weapon.

¹ Unique version of the Scorched killer's receiver. Sets fire mode to automatic. +10% AP cost. -10% range. -17.52% fire rate.


  • 10mm pistol - The standard version found across Appalachia.


Given to the player character by Bernie, along with a Fire Breather uniform and helmet, for reaching the final exam stage of Firebreather training. As with other quest-given items, the pistol's level depends on one's level when receiving it, and it can scale up to level 50 if one is level 50+ when starting the quest.

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