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Anthony House was the half-brother of Robert House and the owner of the H&H Tools Company.


As the self-perceived only legitimate son of House Senior, he considered himself the only worthy heir of his legacy (the aforementioned company). He held a deep disdain for his younger half-brother Robert, likely stemming from the fact that House Senior seemed to favor Robert over him.

Over the years, Anthony developed severe psychological issues, ranging from paranoia to violent delusions. As a manifestation of these conditions, House started implementing increasingly bizarre security measures at his company, which started with things like installing automated turrets in most hallways and eventually devolved into sealing off all the company's bathroom, subjecting his employees to random DNA tests to determine whether they have the "traitor gene", and wearing a "special hat" which allegedly prevented mind-reading. Most of his delusions seemed to revolve around fears that either his half-brother or foreign communists were attempting to steal his company from him and that people inside the organization (such as an executive named Henderson) were secretly aiding them from within.

His condition worsened to the point when, in 2077, he locked down the H&H Tools Factory in outer Vegas and activated its security systems. Curiously, his body is nowhere to be found in the factory.


  • He hates foreigners, Masons, carpenters, Tragic players, illegal aliens, extraterrestrials, and the Flemish.
  • The terminal containing his logs inside the office on the top floor of the H&H Tools Factory is actually named Anthony House's terminal, however in the last entry it is signed Alexander House.


Anthony House is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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