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Anniversary letter is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found in the Vault 63 atrium, upper level, on a desk in the locked bedroom in the residential wing.



Transcribed from the desk of Hugo Stolz


My beloved Cassie,

With you I never feel far from home. You've enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. You've become my better half, my sight, my lover: Mit dir koennte ich Pferde stehlen, or as they would say here, you are my partner-in-crime. A life without you would be terribly dull and I would never want to miss you.
My treasure, these have been the best years of my life.

Happy Anniversary.

Ich liebe dich,
Dein Hugo

Behind the scenes[]

  • "Mit dir koennte ich Pferde stehlen" means "I could steal horses with you"
  • "Ich liebe dich" means "I love you"
  • "Dein Hugo" means "Your Hugo"
  • The "Transcribed from the desk of Hugo Stolz" prelude of the note was initially not present in the first version of the Skyline Valley Public Test Server; it was added in a later update.