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Hi sir! I'm the Mayor's assistant, Anna. How about I help you so you can get what you're after and things can go back to normal around here? Besides the Mayor, I saw three people that were able to get a piece of that machine; Angry Rick the bartender, Hank the cheating family man and Juan the shopkeeper. Someone said Casey Barrett has one too, but if you ask me, all she has is a bad case of the clap. Does that help?

Mayoral assistant Anna Guarana[1] helped mayor John Levis keep things right in Junction City in 2197.


Anna was sleeping with Angry Rick but caught him "smooching" with Casey Barrett and, as a result, broke off their relationship. She wanted to get rid of all the parts of a robot that came to their city, so she told the Warrior where they could find them.

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Notable quotes

  • "That Casey is a no good whore!"
  • "Casey's probably bedding all the Reavers right now!"
  • "I still can't believe that bitch, Casey, stole my man!"
  • "Good, maybe things'll settle down and I can find me a man that Casey won't steal!"
  • "Help! The Brotherhood's whacking the Mayor!"


Anna Guarana appears only in Fallout Tactics.