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I'd love to see one of the Showmen's spectacles, but I do worry about ending up with one less eye just sitting in the audience.

Anna Barone is the dispatcher of the Atlantic City Municipal Government in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


Descended from a family of mobsters belonging to the Lombardi Family, Barone decided to pick up an honest profession and decided to join the Atlantic City Municipal Government, becoming a Muni. While the Munis are technically at peace with the Family, she has nonetheless committed an offense against her family (both figuratively and literally), breaking her mother's heart and making her a wanted woman in the Casino Quarter. Anna has been trying to figure out a way to get back in and see her parents once again, but they have decided it's not worth the hassle: A broken heart can only become more broken if Anna is identified by a mobster and gunned down.[1]

Since joining up with the Munis, she has performed well and reached the position of the head of the Emergency Services Division, directing paramedics and firefighters as needed. Anna coordinates dispatching and ensures everyone goes where they're needed.[2] While she might be a former Lombardi, whenever she needs the peace enforced as per the terms of the treaty, they do pick up. Unless, of course, the mobsters are the ones requiring enforcement.[3]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FoS ghost costume
This character ignores combat and cannot be damaged.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Muni drudger outfit


Anna Barone appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.

Behind the scenes[]

Before Anna received the Muni drudger outfit, she was wearing the casual outfit, with early iterations of the PTS suggesting she'd wear the police uniform while answering dispatches.



  1. Wild child
  2. Vault 76 dweller: "What are the different departments?"
    Frieda Lane: "Let's see now. There's my department, the Power Production and Management Division. We produce electricity and distribute it. I also handle the Water Purification and Distribution Division. Same thing, just with clean water instead of power. There's the Internal Revenue Service. Buttercup heads that. They're in charge of...uh, collecting taxes to keep everything running. They're the auditors you've probably seen around town. Then there's the Agricultural and Caravanning Services. Tim oversees that himself. He manages the output of the farms on the outskirts and ensures the farmers and their farmhands are all properly compensated. Additionally, they distribute food in the city so no one goes hungry. They also trade with the caravans 'round here for essentials. There's the Emergency Services Division. Anna runs that. They're the paramedics and firefighters. Dispatchers. She makes sure every emergency is addressed and that the right people are sent to handle it. Finally, there's the Pine Barrens Forestry Division, led by Sloane. They're basically our park rangers. They handle the Overgrown threat. You won't see them around City Hall much as they spend the day usually scouting the perimeter of the city."
  3. Vault 76 dweller: "Do the Family or the Showmen ever respond to your calls?"
    Anna Barone: "Ha! If they aren't the cause of them, sure. They're both supposed to enforce the peace in the city. Kind of like pre-war police. They're only good at that when it's civvies having a drunken fight or some street thug trying his luck. Otherwise, it's two Showmen fighting over who's the best performer. Or two Wise Guys throwing hands after the decency of someone's ma came into question."