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At the first rank of this perk, animals simply won't attack. At the second rank, they will actually come to your aid in combat, but never against another animal.— In-game description

Animal Friend is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


With the first rank, these animals do not attack the Courier. With the second rank, they assist in combat, but never against other animals.

This perk affects:



  1. The Courier: "The mongrels won't touch me. Animals like me."
    Antony: "I thought something was wrong. We usually have to pull them off any visitors to the Fort. Well, that's no fun. Take the bear. I'll find them something else to chew on."
    (Antony's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Well, it seems to me it belongs to a friend of yours."
    Doctor Borous: "-Why... yes. Gabe.- -No matter how awful my day had been, he... he was always waiting there. How odd. My gel is de-coagulating.- -And when I would talk to him about Betsy - and how Marcus would beat on me and call me Smarty Sissy Pants, he'd just sit there, head on my knee.- -And...- -...- -If you don't mind, I'll take that bowl. Just... need to remove it. Put it away. Somewhere out of radar range.- -For some reason, its similarity to the Crater-shape of Big MT is starting to fill up all available cognitive spaces.- -That, combined with my own overwhelming feeling of having done something terrible... the two are hitting me with... unexpected force.-"
    (Dr. Borous' dialogue)