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You NEW or something? I'm Angela BISHOP. My Dad is the HEAD of Family Bishop.

Angela Bishop is a character found in the Shark Club in 2241.


Angela is the daughter of Leslie Anne and John Bishop, head of the Bishop family.[1][2] She can be found at New Reno's Shark Club. If approached, she may make threats, mentioning her father's standing in town, especially if the Chosen One disagrees with her or speaks to her dismissively.[3]

She may suggest the Chosen One take Jet with her if they agree to follow her to her room, and her advances can be accepted or dismissed at this point.[4] If the player character accepts, Angela's mother may comment on it disparagingly.[1] If declined, Angela summons the Bishop guards, who become hostile.


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This character is romanceable.

Male player characters only


Apparel Weapon Other items
Leather jacket Knife $152
Jet x2


  • If Angela Bishop is hostile, killing her father in any way will cease her hostility.
  • If the player character is wearing any kind of power armor, she will remark "Try not to fall through the floor, clanky."
  • If a male Chosen One sleeps with Angela without carrying a condom, there is an ending for New Reno in which she gives birth to a child.


Angela Bishop appears in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

  • A low Intelligence Chosen One may state "Shhhh! If you don't be quiet, George won't let me play with th'rabbtiz! Shhhh!" in dialogue with Angela, which is a reference to Lennie Small in Of Mice and Men.
  • A low Intelligence character may also claim they traveled with someone named "Iam" who kept burst-shooting them in the back. This is a reference to Ian's propensity for friendly fire.


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