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This is a transcript for dialogue with Angela Williams.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Did Dr. Hildern... this really isn't any of my business, but... did he give you a job? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Little busy at the moment. But I can talk. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 If you can find Keely and keep her safe, I'll pay you what I can. I gave my word, and I meant it. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Keely just called in. You should have heard the Director. "But I-" "Wait a-" "Now look here-" {very happy. impersonating Dr. Hildern at the end} 4
Neutral 50 She wouldn't let him finish a sentence. Just reamed him out for sending all those people to the Vault. I've never seen his face so red and twitchy. {happy} 5
Neutral 50 Thanks for keeping her safe. Here's the caps I promised. I knew I had a good feeling about you. {big warm smile for player} 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Did you find Keely? You haven't been back for a while, so I was hoping... 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh! Good to see you again. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Unless I hear from Keely, we've got nothing to talk about. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 Keely still hasn't checked in. It's not like her... 10
GREETING Neutral 50 After what happened with Keely, Hildern's got his eye on me. We shouldn't be talking... not anymore. {This is an excuse. She really wants to get rid of the player - he brings up bad memories.} 11
GREETING Neutral 50 You're new? I'm Angela. Williams. Were you just looking around, or... {Player hasn't received Hildern's quest yet} 12
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic000 What is this place? Neutral 50 This? The OSI lab. We don't get many visitors. The smell puts people off, I think. 13
Neutral 50 Nobody ever said science would smell clean and fresh. Anyway, you get used to it, if you give it some time. 14
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic001 Are you a scientist? Neutral 50 I know I don't sound the part. Get raised by brahmin ranchers, and you never lose the twang. Drives Hildern crazy. 15
Neutral 50 But I know every inch of the power grid from Hoover Dam to Shady Sands. That's what we do here - try to optimize the power output from the Dam. 16
Neutral 50 Some of the others are working on an agricultural project, but... truth be told, they aren't making much progress. Not yet, anyway. 17
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic002 What's your role here? Neutral 50 Head researcher. Mostly on the Dam project, but I help out on other things, when they need me. Got to be flexible. 18
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic003 Need help with anything? Neutral 50 You mean... give you work? No, that'd be up to the administrator. Hildern. He's back there in his office. 19
Neutral 50 Between you and me, I don't think he ever leaves. Plenty of mercs go in to see him, though. 20
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic004 Mercenaries? What for? Neutral 50 I can't say. We're not supposed to talk about the research. Not the details. If you're interested, I'm sure he'd see you. 21
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic005 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Nice to meet you. If you need anything, I'm almost always in the lab. 22
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic006 Yes. He asked me to get some data from Vault 22. Neutral 50 I shouldn’t say anything, I know that. But you’re not the first person Hildern's sent out to the vault. 23
Yes. He asked me to get some data from Vault 22. Neutral 50 There were a lot of mercs. One after another. None of them came back. 24
Neutral 50 Then, about a week ago, there was a scientist. Keely. She's unusual, not the sort of person you'd expect, but she's an absolute genius, and... 25
Neutral 50 And he didn't mention her? Not even her name? Or any of the other mercs? 26
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic007 Why so interested? Neutral 50 Not interested. More concerned. It's just... you're not the first person he's sent to Vault 22. And I know he'd never tell you. {player just asked why she was interested} 27
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic008 You're right. It's none of your business. Neutral 50 We shouldn't even be talking about this, I know. But I think someone should tell you. You're not the first one he's sent to Vault 22. 28
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic009 No. Hildern didn't mention anyone else. Neutral 50 But now he's hired you. Which means one of two things. Either he heard back from Keely, and she failed, or he's given up on her. 29
No. Hildern didn't mention anyone else. Neutral 50 Listen. I make a fair wage, but I'm not rich, not by any means. Maybe my kind of money wouldn't appeal to your average merc. 30
Neutral 50 But I'm willing to pay you, if you'll find Keely and make sure she's safe. Isn't right leaving her out there, no idea if she's alive or dead. 31
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic010 All right. I'll look for her. Neutral 50 I had a good feeling about you. Moment you walked in. I mean it. {big smile - player agreed to help her} 32
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic011 Maybe Hildern and I need to have another talk. Neutral 50 No, wait! I don't mean to see any harm come to Dr. Hildern. Unless by "talk" you just mean... talk. 33
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic012 It never came up. Doesn't bother me. Neutral 50 No, I knew the danger wouldn't. I'm not trying to scare you off the job. 34
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic013 I'll try, but no promises. Neutral 50 That's all I ask. She might even be able to help you. As long as you don't speak too well of Dr. Hildern. 35
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic014 Not my problem. Keely is on her own. Neutral 50 I know it's not your business to fend for anyone but yourself. If not for her, do it for the caps. That's all I'm asking. 36
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic015 I have some questions. Neutral 50 Of course. Anything. 37
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic016 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Right. Good luck. 38
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic017 Can you tell me anything else about Keely? Neutral 50 Keely's brilliant... an absolute genius. She plays at being mean, but it's all a front. 39
Neutral 50 When you've lived as long as she has, you get defensive around new people. Who wants to make a friend when you know you'll outlive them? 40
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic018 I hear the food around here is pretty bad. Neutral 50 It's foul, to tell the truth. Most people try to get what they can from the outside... even if it's just a smuggled candy bar, now and then. 41
Neutral 50 Contreras is a genius, he can find almost anything you'd want. Takes caps to get him motivated, though. He won't do a thing for free. 42
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic019 What do you think of Dr. Hildern? Neutral 50 The Director? He's... very well-spoken. And... knowledgeable. {Trying not to say something negative about her boss.} 43
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic020 Hildern mentioned the Followers of the Apocalypse... Neutral 50 My father used say good things about them, but that was years ago... back when they'd teach farmers and ranchers about crop rotation and the like. 44
Neutral 50 Nowadays... they've changed. They're doing what they can to discredit the NCR, give us a bad name with the locals. 45
Neutral 50 Dr. Hildern trained with them, years ago. Not me, though. I'm an OSI girl. 46
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic021 What's your role here? Neutral 50 Head researcher. Mostly on the Dam project, but I help out on other things, when they need me. Got to be flexible. 47
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic022 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Right. Stay safe. 48
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic023 Exactly how old is Keely? Neutral 50 I couldn't get her to say. But she talked about the war - the great war, when the bombs fell - like she'd been there. 49
Neutral 50 So I'm guessing... pretty old. Two hundred years? Maybe more. 50
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic024 That's not much of an endorsement. What do you *really* think? Neutral 50 [FAILED] Wouldn't be right for me to say. He's my boss... and he took a chance, bringing me out here as lead researcher. 51
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic025 He seemed focused on results. Maybe not so much on people. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] He's not what you'd call... warm. Unless he wants something from you. And even then, it's kind of a cold warm. 52
Neutral 50 Most of the time, I focus on the science and try to forget him. He doesn't get mixed up in any actual work. Though he tells people that he does. 53
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic026 So Dr. Hildern takes credit for your work? Neutral 50 He sure does. Everyone knows it. I've just got to endure this job until the project is finished. 54
Neutral 50 But abandoning Keely... he crossed a line. Taking credit for other people's work is one thing. Sending people to die in the waste is another. 55
Neutral 50 If Hildern tries to recruit any more mercs, I'm going to warn them. What can he do to me? I'm the only one who can run this lab. 56
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic027 Keely's dead. But I found her research notes. Neutral 50 Dead? But that's... terrible. You're sure? You saw her body? With the way she looks, maybe she just seemed dead, and she really wasn't... 57
Neutral 50 No... you've seen enough death to know the difference. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. I know you tried. 58
Neutral 50 The notes count for something. I'll keep them safe. Keely's work in the vault won't be lost, and it won't be forgotten. 59
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic028 How do Keely and Hildern get along? Neutral 50 Like a brahmin and a deathclaw. Though I'm not sure which would be which. Bad analogy, maybe - they're both deathclaws, in their way. 60
Neutral 50 Keely hates Hildern. She says he's more politician than scientist, and gets in the way of true discovery. 61
Neutral 50 And Hildern hates Keely because... well, because every time they meet, she makes him look like an ass. In front of important people, usually. 62
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic029 Keely's dead. Neutral 50 Dead? But that's... terrible. You're sure? You saw her body? With the way she looks, maybe she just seemed dead, and she really wasn't... {shocked, disbelieving} 63
Neutral 50 No... you've seen enough death to know the difference. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. I know you tried. {realizing that her friend is really dead} 64
Keely's dead. Neutral 50 Keely was brilliant... she'd seen so much. What a horrible waste... {very sad, crushed. Play this line is player didn't recover Keely's notes.} 65
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic030 <Lie> Keely is safe. She's just finishing up some research in the vault. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] She is? But she didn't call in. Keely wouldn't waste a chance to yell at Dr. Hildern. {doesn't quite believe the player} 66
Neutral 50 But if she's caught up in her notes... I guess she might have forgotten. {rationalizing the player's story to herself} 67
Neutral 50 Sorry. I shouldn't question your word. If you say Keely's safe, I owe you these caps. 68
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic031 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Thanks again. Really. I owe you. {earnest} 69
VFreeformVault22AngelaKearnyTopic032 <Lie> Yes, Keely's fine. We escaped the Vault together. Neutral 50 [FAILED] No. That can't be right. Keely would've called in. {doesn't believe the player's story} 70
Neutral 50 Maybe you think you helped her... I don't know. But I need to hear from Keely. Personally. {trying not to come right out and accuse player of lying} 71
Neutral 50 Otherwise... no reward. Not a cap. 72