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This is a transcript for dialogue with Angela Staley.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Hi. I'm Angela. My dad runs Gary's Galley. If you want anything to eat, talk to him. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hi. I'm Angela. I run Gary's Galley. Let me know when you are ready to order. 2
GREETING Happy 50 Have you heard? I'm getting married! 3
GREETING Happy 50 Welcome to Gary's Galley. Can I take your order? 4
GREETING Happy 50 Yes, sir? 5
GREETING Happy 50 Yes, ma'am? 6
MS03RCHistory1 Could I ask you about Rivet City's history? Neutral 50 I heard the place was settled by mercenaries who used to scavenge DC. But I don't really know. 7
RCAngelaGreetNasty You're a sweet little thing. Do you charge by the hour? Surprise 50 What?! That's gross! 8
Anger 50 I'm not some whore. Get away from me before I call security. 9
RCAngelaGreetNice You're a polite young woman. Happy 50 Thank you. If you're hungry, stop by Gary's Galley. 10
Neutral 50 Gary's my dad. The food's better than what you'll get in the Wasteland. 11
It's nice to see a family in business together. Sad 50 Dad and I have had a rough time, but we're getting by. 12
You look a bit young to be running this place alone. Sad 50 Since dad died, I'm on my own. It's better than living on the street. 13
RCAngelaNameGalley Why is this place called Gary's Galley? Sad 50 It's named after my dad. He's dead. I used to help him run it, but now it's just me. 14
Why is this place called Gary's Galley? Happy 50 It's named after my dad. He's a great cook. 15
RCAngelaNature Unfortunately you can't force a man's attentions. Disgust 50 Especially if he is a priest with a thick skull. 16
Happy 50 Well, I'm not giving up. I just know we're made for each other. 17
RCAngelaPheromone I have some ant queen pheromones that might do the trick. Happy 50 Really? Oh, thank you! I just know I can seduce Diego with this. 18
Happy 50 Then he'll have to marry me. We'll be so happy! 19
You're a woman. Just seduce him. Disgust 50 Yeah, right. I don't think I could get him drunk enough to do that. 20
Sad 50 I wish I had some ant pheromones. Trinnie says they would make any man lose control. 21
RCAngelaSeduce Men are such pigs. Forget him. Sad 50 You're right. I should. But I can't. 22
RCAngelaStaleyManTrouble Do the men on this ship give you much trouble? Surprise 50 You mean like hitting on me? 23
Disgust 50 No. Most of them are polite. Even the ones like Diego that I'd want to flirt with seem to ignore me. 24
RCGaryNotNow Not now. I'm busy Neutral 50 Suit yourself. 25
RCTopicCJYoungMissing Have you seen C.J. Young lately? Surprise 50 I thought I saw her and James heading to the gate bridge. 26
Fear 50 They know better than to cross over though. It's dangerous out there. 27
I heard Angela Staley has a crush on Diego.
So, you and Diego are in love? Sad 50 Well, one of us is. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't even know I'm there. 28
Did the Ant Pheromone work? Happy 50 Oh, my God! It was so romantic. 29
Happy 50 Diego has left the Church. We're going to get married! 30
So how are things with Diego lately? Surprise 50 Someone told Father Clifford that Diego and I were...you know. 31
Happy 50 Father Clifford expelled Diego. So now we can get married! 32
So, you and Diego are in love? Happy 50 It's true! I'm so happy. Diego is a wonderful man. 33
So, you and Diego are in love? Anger 50 That rat bastard! I hate his guts. 34
Sad 50 He told me to leave him alone. He won't even talk to me about. {crying} 35
What can you tell me about Doctor Li?
So what's the story with Doctor Li? Disgust 50 She's not very social. Stays in her lab in the stern. 36
Happy 50 She's smart though. Real smart. 37
I've met your mother. No wonder you're such a brat.
Why is James Hargrave such a brat? Anger 50 James' mom, Tammy, is a real bitch. She treats him like crap. 38
Disgust 50 I think it's because she drinks too much. 39
What kind of place is this Rivet City?
What's it like living on a giant ship? Disgust 50 It's noisy, dark, and smelly. 40
Happy 50 But we're safe here. No Super Mutants or Raiders. And maybe Doctor Li will find a way to get clean water for us. 41
When are Angela and Diego getting married?
When are you and Diego getting married? Happy 50 Oh! We forgot to invite you! You should come. Be at the church by 3 o'clock tomorrow. 42
I'm here to do business with you.
Yeah, what do you have? Happy 50 Here's a menu. 43


I have to go now.
I'd better get going, Angela. Happy 50 Thank you for coming to Gary's Galley. 44
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 I'm so nervous! Just think. Diego and I will be husband and wife. 45
HELLO Neutral 50 I'll be right with you. 46
HELLO Neutral 50 The Mirelurks have been quiet lately. 47
HELLO Happy 50 Hello, Miss Vera. 48
HELLO Neutral 50 We're running low on river water, dad. 49
HELLO Surprise 50 Dad, can I buy that dress from Bannon? I want to wear it at my wedding. I want to look special for Diego. 50
HELLO Surprise 50 Dad, do you think you'll ever meet someone? I mean like mom? You shouldn't just spend all day cooking you know. 51
HELLO Happy 50 I'm so excited about getting married. You got my invitation, didn't you? You've got to come. 52
HELLO Surprise 50 Hello, Mrs. Cantelli. Do you have anything that would make a guy be like crazy in love? You know, make him really horny? 53
HELLO Surprise 50 Are you nervous about getting married? 54
HELLO Happy 50 I have something special for you, but I can only give it to you in private. 55
HELLO Surprise 50 Diego, do you think I'm sexy? I mean, if you weren't a priest and everything, would you be turned on by me? 56
HELLO Surprise 50 Hello, Mr. Holmes. Do you have anything new today? 57
HELLO Surprise 50 Hello, Mr. Shrapnel. My dad wants some more 10mm rounds. Do you have any? 58
HELLO Surprise 50 Hello, Mr. Bannon. Can I look at that blue dress again? The one with the really deep cleavage? 59
HELLO Happy 50 The prayer was touching, Father. 60
HELLO Disgust 50 I know you could do a much better sermon. I could hardly stay awake. 61
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Happy 50 Really? That would be wonderful. I don't have enough caps right now, but I've been saving them up. 62
RCGoodbye Sad 50 I'm just looking. I'm sure you don't have anything that would make me 18 any sooner. 63
RCGoodbye Sad 50 You bastard! And to think I loved you! I hate you. 64
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Thank you, Father. I'll ask him again, but he doesn't want to close the restaurant on Sunday mornings. 65
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Okay. Don't forget to check the oven. Nobody will eat a burnt iguana. 66
RCGoodbye Neutral 50 He's not like that, dad. Diego's a gentleman...unfortunately. {"unfortunately" should be in a stage whisper.} 67
RCGoodbye Fear 50 No thanks, Paulie. Last time I tried that stuff Diego got so mad at me. I'll just get you some noodles. 68
RCGoodbye Happy 50 We just got in a fresh batch. I'll go blow the dust off of one. 69
RCGoodbye Fear 50 Sorry, Mr. Shrapnel. My dad asked me to see if you had anything new, and to check out what ammo you have. 70
RCGoodbye Fear 50 Sorry, Mr. Shrapnel. I just came by to see if you had anything new, and to check out what ammo you have. 71
RCGoodbye Happy 50 Diego takes me up there at night, but the sun isn't up then. Oh! I'm late Miss Vera. Goodbye! 72
RCGoodbye02 RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 Don't worry, Diego. I'll take care of you. I even found a room below decks for us. Our love will sustain us. 73
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 Of course I'm excited. Diego is a wreck though. My dad might have to help him up the aisle instead of me. 74
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 Diego insisted. He may not be a priest any more, but he still has his faith. 75
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 Oh, Dad! Stop that or you'll have me crying. You can visit Diego and me any time. And I'll still be working with you. 76
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 Thank you Mister Holmes. We'll need lots of things for our new home, so I'm sure we'll be shopping here. 77
RCGoodbye02 Happy 100 It took him long enough to get the hint. I had to practically write it out for him. Men! {The last word is said with exasperation.} 78
RCGoodbye03 RCGoodbye03 Neutral 50 I'm on my break, so I'm just looking around. I guess you don't have anything new today. 79
RCIDo RCBride Happy 50 I do. 80
RCLoveYou RCLoveYou Happy 50 I love you Diego. 81
RCPackageEnd RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 Dad, my shift's over. I'm going to do some shopping. 82
RCPackageEnd Neutral 50 I'd better get home. Dad will be worried. 83
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 See you tomorrow night, Diego. {Seductive.} 84
RCResponse01 RCResponse01 Sad 50 I guess. We don't get to talk much. I just wish Diego would notice that I'm not a child anymore. 85
RCResponse01 Happy 50 Wouldn't you rather be with a real girl? Maybe you should try it before you decide. 86