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Brother Andrews was a member of the Children of Atom, who braved the Fog in an attempt to evangelize in Far Harbor.


Andrews was executed by the inhabitants of Far Harbor. This act would cause the confessor at the time, Martin, to be hateful towards the settlement's inhabitants. After some reflection, Martin would blame himself for the loss of his parishioner.[1][2]


By the time the Sole Survivor arrives at The Nucleus, a rumor among the Children has begun to circulate speculating that the citizens of Far Harbor killed and cannibalized Andrews to "steal" his gift from Atom.[3]


Andrews is mentioned only in Far Harbor.


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    Tektus: "A foul atrocity. Our good Brother Andrews had decided to brave the Fog and attempt to bring Atom's Light to that ghastly town... and remind the heathens of their trespasses. From what I hear, he'd barely spoken a word before they cut him down in cold blood. For nothing more than his devotion. Beasts."
    (Tektus' dialogue)
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