I can't believe I'm being called a potty mouth by a cannibal...— The Lone Wanderer to Jack Smith, after finding out the truth about Andale

Andale is a location in the southern area of the Capital Wasteland.


Andale is touted by its residents as "the greatest town in Virginia." However, the town holds a very dark secret. Four families survived the nuclear war and remained in Andale, eventually taking to cannibalism after their food supplies ran out. Since then, the murder and consumption of outsiders, along with inbreeding between the Andale families, have become a tradition passed down from generation to generation.


Andale is located directly south of the Fairfax ruins and west of the Nuka-Cola plant. The town is comprised of a couple of two-story pre-War houses, one ranch-style home, and a shack. They are all located on a street amid the ruins of other homes and a Red Rocket gas station.



Notable lootEdit

  • Grognak the Barbarian - In the Smiths' basement, lying on the table closest to the door. It may also be on the floor of the basement, on the south side of this same table.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - In an overturned truck under the highway north of Andale, towards Fairfax ruins.
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - In the concrete treehouse northeast of Andale, near the road that passes the Red Rocket gas station, approximately halfway between Andale and Fairfax ruins.
  • Dean's Electronics - In the back of a truck down the road (east of Andale) towards the Nuka-Cola plant.
    • Note: There is a chance that this book may not spawn in the truck.
  • Strange meat - 80 total; 10 in each fridge. (Specific fridge locations: 3 in the Smith house basement, 3 in the garden shed, 1 in the kitchen in the Smith house and 1 in the Wilson house kitchen.) Strange meat can be traded for cave fungus at Little Lamplight in the unmarked quest Fungus Deal. This one location holds more of the item than every other static location in the game put together.

Related questsEdit


  • Devouring a body when detected by either family will cause them to become hostile, despite them being cannibals themselves.
  • Having the Cannibal perk replaces the Speech challenge with a guaranteed success.
  • Despite being cannibals, the inhabitants are not hostile to the player character unless attacked.
  • The Andale shed key to the Wilson's shed can be found in the Wilson's house both downstairs on top of the radio, and beside the bed on a table in the upstairs bedroom. The key to the Smith's basement is found in the upstairs bedroom of the Smith's house, on a similar bedside table. Both keys can also be stolen from the men in the two families.
  • If Broken Steel is installed, a squad of Brotherhood Outcasts appears at the entrance to Andale and will make its way east to take part in a scripted encounter with three Enclave trainees in the Enclave outpost near the Nuka-Cola plant.
  • If the Lone Wanderer attacks and kills anyone in the two families before they discover that they are cannibals, they will receive negative Karma.
  • When the Lone Wanderer takes the strange meat from the refrigerators, they will gain negative Karma, even though the NPCs who own them are considered evil.


Andale appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fallout 3 borrows names from several towns in and around the D.C. area. Andale refers to Annandale, VA, a city in Fairfax County, Virginia.


  • PCIcon pc Upon first finding Andale, the residents will be in front of the Smith's house facing towards it. Upon approach, Jack Smith will trigger the dialogue of you snooping around in the basement.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 After completion of the quest, when fast traveling to Andale, all NPCs stay hunched over and alert, still wielding their knives while walking around, even though they are no longer hostile. Conversation can be initiated, and while speaking, they will stand up straight again, but when they finish speaking, they hunch back over. They are also unable to enter any of the houses at such a time. [verified]


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