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You've discovered a Shotgun technique that has a chance to knock an enemy back.— In-game description

And Stay Back is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


Taking this perk grants a 10% chance to inflict a "knockback" effect on an enemy when using shotguns.

Affected weapons[]


  • The perk actually knocks the enemy back at a downward angle rather than sending them high into the air as the description suggests, similar to Super Slam! for melee attacks.
  • The perk trigger is determined per pellet, meaning slug rounds, 4/0 buckshot, and 3/0 buckshot are less likely to score a knockdown compared to standard buckshot.
  • The perk icon depicts the Vault Boy wielding a riot shotgun which due to its semi-automatic firing rate, benefits greatly from having this perk.
  • As with the Shotgun Surgeon perk, this perk does not affect the sturdy caravan shotgun Courier's Stash.