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Loading Anchorage, Alaska simulation. Mission: the Liberation of Anchorage Alaska from Communist Chinese forces. Safeties: Disengaged.Loading screen, Operation: Anchorage

The Anchorage Reclamation simulation is a virtual recreation of the famous Anchorage Reclamation created by Virtual Strategic Solutions for the U.S. Army in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.

It can be found and entered at the Outcast outpost in the old VSS Facility at Bailey's Crossroads.


Entries found in a terminal in the Outcast outpost detail the development of the simulation. The entry dated August 15, 2077 describes how General Constantine Chase tested the simulation himself, but claimed it didn't "feel right," and that hardware problems were prevalent. The second entry dated September 6, 2077, tells of how Chase was making elaborate changes to the simulation which the writer of the entry felt was "divorced from reality," and that he was sure that the real Anchorage Reclamation had never happened the way Chase portrayed it. The writer goes on to say that everyone was beginning to think Chase was going insane, but no one confronted him because they feared that the military would take over the project. At the very end, the writer questions why running the simulation was necessary anymore, since "any tactical data was mined months ago."

In particular, the Vertibirds were present in the simulation in full operational capacity when in fact they wouldn't even reach the prototype stage until much later. There is also doubt over the plausibility of Chimeras as shown in the simulation, since no other source material on the Reclamation makes any mention of it. Furthermore, the M42 "Fat Man" miniature nuclear launcher is used by the power-armored units to blow open the gates to the Chinese Compound, despite the launcher not being completed until September 2077, 8 months after the battle had concluded.[1]


This simulation takes place in pre-War Anchorage, part of the pre-War state of Alaska.


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  • According to the loading screen, motion sickness is normal and subsides momentarily.
  • There are snowmen in some areas with American combat helmets and armor on. They also have American flags, and one snowman has a Chinese hat on. When it is attacked, blood spurts out. A Chinese flamer unit can be seen torching one of the American snowmen. The combat apparel worn by the snowmen is much larger than the player character's.
  • While there are map markers in the simulation, fast travel is not available to any of these locations.
  • It is possible to transfer some items like the repellent stick into the simulation because they are quest items and can't be removed.
  • A reference is made to the Anchorage Reclamation simulation during the mission Tranquility Lane. When exiting the Tranquility Lane simulation via the abandoned house, it is possible to get into the failsafe terminal and read a letter from General Constantine Chase to Doctor Stanislaus Braun regarding the Anchorage Reclamation simulation, followed by the town of Tranquility Lane being attacked by many Chinese commandos.
  • While in the simulation, if the Cannibal perk is active, it is possible to devour the corpses before they disappear.
  • Once the simulation is over, it cannot be used again in the game. Trying to activate the simulation again will simply result in the message "You must wear a neural interface suit to start the simulation" being displayed, even if the suit is equipped.
  • Much like the water tower in Evergreen Mills, the one in the simulation bears the word "McLean."
  • The views differ from the artillery ridge and the Chinese compound, as the artillery ridge view has two water towers while the Chinese compound view has only one.
  • XVB02 model vertibirds appear in the Anchorage simulation despite not being scheduled to be deployed until 2085.
  • The Mysterious Stranger can appear in the simulation just as in the Capital Wasteland, provided one has the perk.


The Anchorage Reclamation simulation appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.