Anaheim was a pre-War city in California.


Anaheim was home to the Anaheim Jets professional football team, who, on February 14, 2075, defeated the Little Rock Saints to win Super Bowl CXII.


Anaheim and its football team, the Jets, are mentioned in the Sierra Depot GNN transcript in Fallout 2. However the veracity of this document was questioned by Chris Avellone in the Fallout Bible series.

Behind the scenesEdit

Anaheim is a real-life city in Orange County, California. It is best known as the home of the Disneyland Resort, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team, and Anaheim Ducks hockey team. Like its Fallout counterpart, Anaheim was home to an NFL team: the Rams played here from 1980 to 1994 before relocating to St. Louis.

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