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After everything the Brotherhood has put us through, there's no way in hell that they're getting my research, so... I hope you can find me soon. Until then, be safe and... I love you. I... should have told you much sooner, in person.Message for Jeff

Amy L. Kerry is a deceased associate of the Responders in Appalachia, found dead at Cow Spots Creamery.


Amy L. Kerry was a Vault-Tec University student, turned amateur scientist. She was also the love interest of Jeff Nakamura and an acquaintance of the Responders. She met him some time after The Christmas Flood happened in the 2080s. Jeff once attempted a proposal but Amy sorrowfully declined before he even had the chance to make it, feeling focusing on rebuilding Appalachia was more important.[1]

In 2095, Amy began staying around the Tygart water treatment site where she stayed in a trailer and had her own terminal where she wrote entries documenting her life.[2] Jeff would sometimes visit her and send messages to her terminal. Despite constant pressure from the group to join the Responders, Amy opted to remain separate from them but continued working on a project to create a program to monitor the environment for contamination by the Scorched with their assistance. The frequent requests for her to join caused her friction with Jeff and Maria Chavez.

One day, Amy got bit by a mole rat and became quite ill. She thought she was done for, but Jeff came to visit her by chance. It made Amy realize how compassionate and noble Jeff was and how important he was in her life.

However, loose lips at the Responders HQ ended up leading to the Brotherhood of Steel catching wind of the project, which led to them trying to procure information and project assets from the Responders at gunpoint. However, even after being talked down by Maria, the Brotherhood would continue looking for Amy and her research. Amy learned that the Brotherhood was after her and she theorized that they were after her technology to use for their own purposes, even to create weapons.

Amy noticed signs that the Brotherhood were close to finding her so she abandoned her trailer and went into hiding, as she refused to give the Brotherhood anything following the way they had treat Jeff and his fellow Responders. She left a holotape for Jeff, telling him he could find her at the place where they had their first date: Cow Spots Creamery.

However, Amy apparently overlooked that a message from Jeff on her terminal also mentioned the location of the date. Her body can be found at the Cow Spots Creamery with a note for Jeff imploring him to share her research with the Responders.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Ratty skirt Amy's note
Pre-War money

Related holotapes


Amy Kerry appears only in Fallout 76.