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Guess you heard the alarm, huh? Well, you know the deal. You want to take down another worthless wastelander?Fritsch

Amoral Combat is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Nuka-World side quest: Amoral Combat
Walk around Nuka-Town USA and hear raider chatter.
Talk to Fritsch at the Nuka-Cade.
Accept the fight.
Ask Fritsch to free the wanderer.
Ask Fritsch to use the traps to kill the wanderer in the Gauntlet.
Enter the Cola-cars arena.
Kill the challenger.
Quest failure.
Reward: 75+ XP
Some loot and XP from the challenger's corpse

Detailed walkthrough

After completing The Grand Tour, the next time Nuka-Town is visited, a gang member will inform the overboss that a new challenger has reached the end of the Gauntlet, and they should go talk to Fritsch to find out what to do.

Locate Fritsch in the Nuka-Cade. He will say a new target has entered the Gauntlet and gives two options: allow them through to the arena or drive them out. Driving the target out prevents one from acquiring the gear the challenger had and automatically fails the quest. Accepting a fight means the player character has to face the challenger and beat them.

If one chooses to fight, head to the Cola-cars arena, meet the foe and best them to maintain the title of overboss.

This quest is repeatable, with a new challenger every time, culminating in the rogue knight who, upon defeat, will drop the unique weapon Aeternus.

After two or more in-game days, entering the Gauntlet from the arena end will activate the next opponent/phase of the quest.


Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
5 Check With a Raider Guard About the Alarm status1 = finish
10 Talk to Fritsch status2 = finish
20 Enter the Cola-Cars Arena status3 = finish
30 Defeat the Challenger status4 = finish
500Quest finishedQuest completeSomeone else entered the Gauntlet, and I chose to fight them. We fought in the Cola-Cars arena and I won.


  • If one gets caught pickpocketing the spectators (unnamed members from each raider gang), the raiders will not turn hostile, unlike outside of the arena.
  • The quest will continue to start indefinitely after the encounter with the rogue knight, but instead of named NPCs, the new opponents will be random generic enemies like super mutants, Gunners or raiders.
  • Amoral Combat will trigger again after completing Open Season, but the trigger takes much longer. In this case, the raiders that appear in the audience will turn hostile after the battle.
  • Choosing the "Set them free" dialogue option will fail the quest.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The quest may not start as intended. [verified]
    • To fix this, try to return to Nuka-World using the monorail and go through the Gauntlet again.
    • If the quest still does not start, the console command setstage DLC04SettlementFF01 100 may start the quest. This can be repeated after each fight to quickly advance through the opponents.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One After completing Power Play and defeating the rebel gang, this may cause a bizarre event to occur when entering the arena to fight the opponent. As before, members of all three gangs are present and a firefight begins in the stands as the two allied gang member spectators attack the members present from the third. This will continue, even if the player character begins the arena fight, until all rebel gang members have been dealt with. It may also freeze as well, making it impossible to enter the building at all. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 After completing Open Season and after killing every raider in Nuka-World, it is possible to still participate in the ongoing fights. Upon entering the Cola-cars arena, all the raiders will appear hostile (marked red on map) but will not attack until the player character has defeated the opponent. [verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One When the next opponent arrives in the arena, upon heading there, the mag-lock door will not be open, which prevents one from entering the arena to fight the combatant. [verified]
    • Reloading to a previous save should fix this.
    • PCPC In order to proceed, one can permanently remove the door by clicking on it in console mode and using the command disable. One can also float though the door by toggling collision with the tcl command, but this is not a permanent solution.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Occasionally, the opponent may fail to actively engage the player character once they are in the arena, but they can still be attacked since their door is open. [verified]