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The ammunition plant is a world object and settlement object in Fallout 76.


It is a large red machine similar to mineral producers that can be made at C.A.M.P.s or public workshops. It is controlled by a nearby terminal, and produces ammunition over time.


The ammunition plant has a production rate of 83/hr. This means that it will tick every 43.37 seconds. The amount of ammunition produced depends on the type made. The current tick is reset when new ammunition is selected.

It requires 20 Power for it to operate. Generators can be built within the building itself to power the machine.

Name Amount per Tick
10mm 5
.308 round 1
.38 round 5
.44 round 2
.45 round 2
.50 round 1
5.56mm round 5
5mm round 5
Fusion cell 1
Gamma round 1
Plasma cartridge 1
Shotgun shell 1


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