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O really, Borous? All you did in High School was Commie fink-tattle-tale on all the kids you hated, you little teacher's pet brown-hound.Doctor 0

American High was a school before the Great War of 2077.


American High was the high school Dr. Borous attended during his childhood. He claims to the Courier that he was the head of his biology class and eventually graduated. However, Borous does not have fond memories of the school as he was constantly bullied by Richie Marcus and Betsy Bright, who turned him down. He was subjected to humiliation based on his intellect and pranks from Marcus.

A partial copy of the school was rebuilt in the Big MT's X-8 research center, where Borous was the pretend principal. It was used as a test area for Communist infiltration that involves battling cyberdogs, automated turrets, Protectrons, and other experiments while trying to retrieve three student records.



  • The school won several sports awards in the 2050s.
  • It's unknown whether or not Dr. Borous really did attend an institution named American High. He may have simply mistaken the generically named X-8 testing area as his former high school in his reduced state.


American High is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.