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By now, you may be well acquainted with some of the new faces (and creatures) of Atlantic City. Get ready to return to New Jersey with our upcoming update, now live in the Public Test Servers (learn more below). Our next big update, Atlantic City – America's Playground releases March 26 and contains a new Expedition Mission and Side Quests in Atlantic City. Players will also experience a new Main Mission storyline taking place in Appalachia.fallout.bethesda.net (archived)

America's Playground, also known as Atlantic City – America's Playground, is the eighteenth major update for Fallout 76. It was the second wave, or part two, of the Expeditions: Atlantic City update series, alongside Boardwalk Paradise, which preceded it. America's Playground was released on March 26, 2024.[1] It was followed by Skyline Valley.[2]

America's Playground expanded on the location of Atlantic City and implemented open exploration of the city, as well as new quests within it.[3]



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Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Abbie Russo Dialogue 006C2DAB 006C2DB0 The Rose Room
Adelaide Dialogue 0073E948 C.A.M.P.
Antonio Russo Dialogue 006C2DAC 006F9A11 The Rose Room
Del Lawson Dialogue 0075C1F1 C.A.M.P.
Evelyn Russo Dialogue 006C2D2D 006C2D3A The Rose Room
Little Rob Dialogue 0073CB5C 0073CB63 Deserted mine
Jack Hunter Dialogue 0073BE80 0073BE83 Deserted mine
Musician 006C2D30 006C2D40 The Rose Room
Oscar Gonzalez Dialogue 0073BB1A 0075F6DE The Crater Core
Superstitious refugee Dialogue 006F236A 006F236E Whitespring Refugee
Surly Dialogue 0073BB1B 0074B716 Surly's shack
Vin Russo Dialogue 006C2D2F 006C2D3D The Rose Room

Atlantic City[]

Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Anna Barone Dialogue 006DE230 006DE233 City hall
Carmen Dialogue 0072EBCD 0072FC1B Showman's Pier
Client Dialogue 0072A606 0072A614 Atlantic City Boardwalk
Clown Dialogue 006F457E
Showman's Pier
Concerta Lombardi Dialogue 006FCFDF 006FCFFD The Neapolitan Casino
Dimples the Clown Dialogue 006F58C3 006F58CF Showman's Pier
Doorman Dialogue 006F28EE 006F28F6 The Neapolitan Casino
Fabio Mondadori Dialogue 006FCFE2 006FCFEE Quentino's Night Club
Fast Nicky Dialogue 0072EBCF 0072FC1C Quentino's Night Club
Frieda Lane Dialogue 006E070B 006E070E City hall
Gene Dialogue 006F99FA 006F9A0F Flooded city center
Jordy Dialogue 006FCFE1 006FCFED Casino Quarter
Mob believer Dialogue 00733320 007345F8 Flooded city center
Mob denier Dialogue 00733321 007345F9 Flooded city center
Pete Rutledge Dialogue 0072EBCE 0072FC1D City hall
Quentino Lombardi 00726DE4 00726DE8 The Neapolitan Casino
Saltwater Sam Dialogue 00729CC7 0072A612 Atlantic City Boardwalk
Sloane Cao Dialogue 00732A74 0076A39A Flooded city center
Stanley Soriano Dialogue 006F28ED 006F58C6 Atlantic City Boardwalk
Stratton Dialogue 0072A607 0072A617 Atlantic City Boardwalk
Ticket clerk Dialogue 006F45CE Atlantic City Boardwalk
Timothy Lane Dialogue 006DBBC9 006DBBDE Flooded city center
Zayde Dialogue 006F45CF 006F45D6 Showman's Pier





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Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A new world XPD_AC_CityHall_Note_ANewWorld 0076D091
Text Adelaide reminder S16_Adelaide_Note01 0074F553
Text Adelaide's autograph S16_Adelaide_Note_Autograph 007521DC
Text Big, dumb nuisance AC_SQ03_Custodial_BigDumbNuisance_Note 00744F52
Text Change of plans‎ Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_PianoNote 006FCFBC
Text Craig's bag XPD_AC03_CraigsBagNote 006CDC2F
Text Curtain call AC_SQ03_Custodial_CurtainCall_Note 00744F53
Text Happy coincidence AC_SQ05_Note_HappyCoincidence 0076973A
Text In the details Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_Code 00726DD6
Text Job posting Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_Flyer 006FCFBA
Text Journal: Hot Pursuit AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_HotPursuit_Journal 0075C8B8
Text Journal: Lion's Den AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_LionsDen_Journal 0075C8B9
Text Just my luck! XPD_AC03_DevilsBloodNote01 006D1DC6
Text Last confession AC_MQ04_LastConfession 00727C9A
Text Losing my grip AC_MQ04_Losing 00727C9B
Text Medical 'donations' XPD_AC03_Note_Donations 006EB437
Text Method acting mandate Custodial Compulsions AC_SQ03_Custodial_MethodActingMandate_Note 00744F51
Text Moving to a safer home‎ XPD_AC03_AbandonedHomeNote 0076BCAD
Text My own room AC_MQ04_ToAntonio 00727C9E
Text No place like home XPD_AC03_Note_Home 006EB436
Text Note to Dimples AC_MQ02_Stage_NoteToDimples 00729C0D
Text Nothing to see here XPD_AC03_Note_Nothing 006EB42F
Text Perimeter breach XPD_AC03_Note_Perimeter 006EB430
Text Physician's note Regent of the Dead XPD_AC_SQ05_Note_PhysiciansNote 0074F520
Text Q XPD_AC03_Note_Q 006EB432
Text Quentino's note Cut content AC_SQ05_QuentinoNote 00726DD5
Text Respectfully, no XPD_AC03_Note_RespectfullyNo 006EB435
Text Reminder Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_ExtraHint 0075DF89
Text Rot XPD_AC03_Note_Ro 006EB431
Text Supply request AC_SQ05_Note_SupplyRequest 0074F521
Text The Rose Room Review AC_MQ04_Review 00727C9D
Text Surly's note AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_SurlysNote 0073BE79
Text To Evelyn AC_MQ04_EvelynLetter 00727C9C
Text To Oscar Hells Eagles AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_ToOscarNote 0075C8BA
Text To the arbiter Regent of the Dead AC_SQ05_Note_ToArbiter 00769739
Text To Tony Regent of the Dead XPD_AC_SQ05_Note_ToTony 0074F51F
Text To Vin AC_MQ04_GoodbyeSon 00727C99
Text Unnecessary questions XPD_AC03_Note_UnnecessaryQuestions 006EB434
Text Urgent message for R. Dunwich and C. Blackhall XPD_AC03_Note_FloodedCityDunwichandNate 00732740
Text Vin's to-do list AC_MQ_VinsToDoList 006EC5F7
Text Wild child XPD_AC03_Note_WildChild 006EB433


Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound A lead at last AC_SQ01_HellsEagles_Investigation01_Holotape 0073BB19
Sound A special surprise AC_SQ03_Custodial_ASpecialSurprise_Holotape 00744973
Sound Stella meets Stratton AC_SQ03_Custodial_StellaMeetsStratton_Holotape 00744972
Sound Succession AC_MQ04_Succession_Holotape 0075C91E
Sound The final scene AC_SQ03_Custodial_TheFinalScene_Holotape 00731619
Sound Ticking clock XPD_AC_TickingClock_Holotape 0075BF8C


Img Name
(Editor ID)
Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Form ID
Toy rocketship key Warehouse key
Warehouse front door in the flooded city center Obtained during quest Honor Bound 007551E4
Quantum key Antonio's key
Lab door in the Rose Room Added to inventory Sins of the Father 007700EB
Holotape Antonio's password
Antonio's terminal in the Rose Room Added to inventory Sins of the Father 00769DF3
Quantum key Sam's back room key
Back room door on Atlantic City Boardwalk Obtained during quest from Saltwater Sam Custodial Compulsions 00745739
Quantum key Concerta's suite key
Door in the Neapolitan Casino The Neapolitan Casino, next to Letter to Billy Regent of the Dead 006FCFBE


Workshop objects[]


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
Opportunity Knocking Opportunity Knocking The Rose Room Posters around Appalachia
Encountering the Rose Room
Plan: Civil Engineer armor helmet
Plan: Lounge singer outfit
Random legendary item
AC_MQ01_Opportunity 006C1F50
All the Worlds a Stage All the World's a Stage The Whitespring Refuge
Casino Quarter
Atlantic City Boardwalk
Vin Russo Plan: Civil Engineer armor left arm
Plan: Civil Engineer armor right arm
Plan: Spectacular performer's outfit
Plan: Spectacular performer's headwear
Random aid
AC_MQ02_Stage 006F0128
Honor Bound Honor Bound The Rose Room
Flooded city center
Vin Russo Plan: Civil Engineer armor left leg
Plan: Civil Engineer armor right leg
Random aid
AC_MQ03_HonorBound 00732A5B
Sins of the Father The Rose Room
Flooded city center
Gene Plan: Civil Engineer armor torso
Plan: Jersey Devil plushie
Random aid
AC_MQ04_Sins 006F7BE3


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
Custodial Compulsions Custodial Compulsions Atlantic City Boardwalk
Showman's Pier
Poster at the Whitespring Refuge
Saltwater Sam
Plan: Suspicious trunk
Plan: Saltwater Taffy outfit
Random plan
Random aid
AC_SQ03_Custodial 00729CBB
AC SQ01 HellsEagles Hells Eagles The Crater Core
Surly's shack
Deserted mine
Poster at the Whitespring Refuge
Oscar Gonzalez
AC_SQ01_HellsEagles 0073BAFC
Regent of the Dead Regent of the Dead Quentino's Night Club
The Neapolitan Casino
Poster at the Whitespring Refuge
Fabio Mondadori
AC_SQ05_Regent 006FCF87


Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Editor ID Form ID
The Human Condition The Human Condition Flooded city center
City hall
Community center
Timothy Lane XPD_AC03_Mission_Human 006DBABB



External links[]


  1. Fallout 76: Inside the Vault - Upcoming Maintenace, Atlantic City PTS and Burning Love!
  2. Fallout 76 season 16 community calendar (March - June 2024)
  3. Fallout 76 November 2023 developer AMA:
    Flakles: "I'm sure you guys must see players in the community constantly asking if we can get a more open world, traditional fallout DLC experience from expeditions, something like Far Harbor being the constantly echoed request. And I'm sure you guys must've at least experimented with it already - My question is, what sort of things would hold a choice like that back?
    Maybe definitively providing a 'why not' will put the matter to rest among the community."

    Joshua Moretto: "Hi, Flakles. While we continue to expand the places players can visit outside our map, the focus of Fallout 76 is and remains Appalachia. That said, players will be able to visit Atlantic City for traditional story quests and exploration outside of Expeditions in Patch 50."