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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alyssa.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00760736 0076077C H-Hey there again friend, long time no see. Do you have any new information for me?
2 0076077D Well you discovered anything interesting recently in the wasteland?
3 00760737 0076077F Sure thing, friend; just keep me updated on any further developments.
4 00760739 0076075C After everything you've told me, this isn't surprising anymore. You didn't let Vault-Tec go through with it, did you?
5 0076073B 0076075E The Atlas, what... That sounds way above my paygrade friend.
6 0076073D 00760757 So, one of those spineless assholes survived. Heh, I would have put my money on them all being in a Vault together. This one had other ideas.
7 0076073F 00760763 So your telling me someone at Vault-Tec faked building a Vault for the people of Lewisburg and Welch?
8 00760741 0076076A Well, I did it again; I just had to go and jinx it by saying it wasn't related...
9 00760743 00760759 Great, another new threat in Appalachia, just what we needed! Ohh, I'll need to report this to Paige straight away.
10 00760745 00760771 Oh wowzah! So it did blow its hinges like some sort of cork from a champagne bottle!
11 00760747 00760775 It was good to see you again! Comeback soon if you discover anything else about this... door.
12 00760749 0076075A My job is to scavenge Appalachia and trade with caravans for anything Foundation may require.
13 0076074B 0076077E So, what did you discover then?
14 0077EE2E 0073B15D Man this day is full of surprises! First, this darn Vault door lands here, and now you've come to collect it!
15 007464E1 Hey there, I wouldn't get to close too that edge. You don't want to fall in. Trust me, I did that myself.
16 0076075F Wowza! Would you look at that! I never thought I would see one of these in the ground like this.
17 00760760 I should call this into Foundation. Paige is going to want to hear this.
18 00760761 Now this gonna make for a great story next time I'm at the Wayward.
19 00760762 I never really understood why Vault-Tec put numbers on their doors... How many are there anyway?
20 0076076D Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there. I have been distracted since this fell out of the sky.
21 0076076E Hey Dweller, I know it looks tempting, but you don't want to burn yourself, do ya?
22 0076076F Hey, you're that Vault Dweller I hear so much about.
23 0076077A Phew! Good to see you unscathed. How's the wasteland treating ya?
24 0076077B *Chuckles* Glad to see you haven't been crushed by any falling Vault doors. How's it going?
25 00793544 0076075D In fact, no, don't tell me, as that'll only complicate things!
26 00793545 00760764 Those poor people never saw it coming, did they? Well, my friend, you are one of the lucky ones, aren't ya?
27 00793546 00760772 Oh, I'd like to know what Vault-Tec was doing to cause it to do that.
28 00793547 0076075B Whether it be new sensor modules, wood, food, information or really anything else that may interest us.