Alpine River Cabins complaint is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found at the Alpine River Cabins on a table near one of the cabin entrances, next to an ashtray and some cigarettes.



Gabe Ramses: Hi, this is Gabe Ramses, and I am leaving this message to inform the Parks and Rec Department of the horrible experience my family and I had this week at the Alpine River Cabins! We were all looking forward to a nice, weekend getaway in the wilderness, but between the constant shaking in the cabins, rodent swarms and blood-curdling screams, I'm more stressed than I was before! My boys were so upset they swore they saw the picture frames spinning on the walls! My tax dollars pay your salaries, so I demand recompense or you can bet I'll do my darndest to make sure that money is in someone else's pockets next election! And one more thing! Maybe you could get off your lazy butts and pick up some of the garbage here. The place is filthy! I know all the recent hub-hub about atomic war, but that doesn't mean the place has to look it was just hit with a nuclear bomb!

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