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And what makes you so certain about that? I can't imagine you're still so naive after spending time in that hell outside. None of them know what the outside is like, and most of them would die out there. Then the rest of us inside would eventually die out, too. I won't risk all of our lives just for few people's passing fancy of taking a Wasteland vacation. I hope you can understand that.

Alphonse Almodovar is the overseer of Vault 101 in 2277.


When Almodovar grew up in Vault 101, the vault dwellers were allowed to explore the outside world, voiding the original intention for the vault's experiment by the Vault-Tec Corporation. His parents, however, felt that the vault dwellers would be safer inside and believed all of them should remain indoors, and their beliefs were instilled in him.

One day, the current overseer disappeared outside in the wasteland. No one really knew what happened, although some suspected foul play. Almodovar, who was young, charismatic and determined at the time, rose to the occasion and offered them new leadership, to which they accepted.[Non-canon 1] Since then, no one has left the vault.

In the late 2250s, Overseer Almodovar accepted James and his child into the vault, and James was assigned to be the new vault physician.

Around this time, Almodovar had one child named Amata. When Amata was two, Almodovar's partner died.

The dossier on Amata, located in the overseer's terminal, reveals that he feels conflicted between his role as father and as overseer, attempting to find a balance between the duties that come with both. He states that no matter what he tries, Amata just seems to see him as "The Overseer".[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Growing Up Fast: The overseer presents the Lone Wanderer with their Pip-Boy 3000 at their 10th birthday party.
  • Escape!: When James escapes, Almodovar thinks that the Lone Wanderer had something to do with it, so he sends his security officers after them. He orders the death of Jonas after James' escape and interrogates his own daughter. Depending on whether or not he is killed, Amata will react differently to the situation.
  • Trouble on the Homefront: If Alphonse dies during Escape!, Trouble on the Homefront will still begin, only with Allen Mack as the new overseer.


* Only during Trouble on the Homefront.


  • There is a photograph of Alphonse and his daughter, a much younger Amata, in Amata's room.
  • His terminal reveals that he would use the Tunnel Snakes "services" on occasion, but has concerns that they were getting too "unruly."[2]
  • During Trouble on the Homefront his computer terminal reveals that, after leaving, the Enclave contacted the vault in an attempt to gain access, but he denied them entry as he would not trust the lives of the vault inhabitants to outsiders.[3]
  • He will call characters "young men" regardless of gender during dialogue in Trouble on the Homefront. He is also always identified as "The Overseer," even if he relinquishes the position to Amata.
  • If the player character destroys the vault by flooding it during Trouble on the Homefront and lies to the overseer by saying the rebels did it, the overseer will kill himself.
  • At the 10th birthday before going to the reactor level, following the overseer as he goes past the reactor, up some stairs and engages in a dialogue with Officer John Kendall, he lets out that the only reason he came [to the party] is that Amata's friends with the brat (the Lone Wanderer).
  • If fought during the quest Escape!, he can sometimes say "The overseer will hear about this!" even though he is the overseer.
  • Moreover, if he is provoked into attacking and if left alive, he will relentlessly follow (even when talking with Amata) until Vault 101 is left.
    • If he is not fought and the agreement is to turn oneself in, he will confiscate the weapons and immediately use them himself against the player character.
  • Although Officer Mack killed Jonas, he will say he ordered Security Chief Hannon to in Trouble on the Homefront.
  • He will appear as one of the hallucinations in Vault 106.
  • If one fights him but doesn't kill him, Amata will act like they did when they are about to leave the vault.

Notable quotes


Alphonse Almodovar appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

In promotional content for Fallout 76, a teammate with the nickname "AAlmadovar" can be seen.




  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p. 89: "Overseer Alphonse Almodovar
    Growing up in Vault 101 during a time when the Vault dwellers ventured freely into the outside world, Alphonse's parents believed the Vault should have no contact with the dangers out there. As he got older, Alphonse knew he had to correct the gross lapses in security. He got his chance when the Overseer—a strong proponent of outside contact—disappeared one day while out in the Wasteland. Many suspected foul play, but the young, charismatic, strong-willed Alphonse Almodovar offered the Vault dwellers new leadership, and they had little choice but to accept."
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