Almost home... is a holotape is Fallout 3.


The holotape is found on a wastelander corpse to the northwest of broadcast tower KB5 (it is down the hill to the northeast of the raider occupied house with the Tumblers Today and the mini nuke in the bathtub).



It seems like I've been out here scavving forever. I'm ready to head home soon, though. I've got just enough to keep Paulina, Kress and me going for another week.


Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Occasionally the wastelander does not spawn. You can tell if this is the case by going near the area to where he is supposed to spawn and typing in the console command player.moveto 65550. You will be moved to the spawn point of the wastelander, and if no one is there, you can assume that you've encountered a bug where he will not spawn. This can only be done on the PC version. [verified]

  • If the above bug happens on the PC, use the following console commands to "fix" this: prid 65550, resurrect, moveto player, kill. In short this will target the specific wastelander, resurrect him to make him "appear", move him to the player, and finally kill him so he can be looted normally (he'll be hostile if resurrected). [verified]
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