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Well done, Mister Burke! What a grand display of fireworks! I almost wish there was another nuke we could detonate. You don't see that very often.— Allistair Tenpenny, commenting on the destruction of Megaton

Allistair Tenpenny is the founder and owner of Tenpenny Tower, appearing in Fallout 3. He is one of only nine named characters in the base game to have "Very Evil" Karma. He is also a Legendary dweller in Fallout Shelter, coming with a unique rifle and suit.



Originally born around 2197[Non-game 1] in the post-nuclear wastelands of former Great Britain,[1] Tenpenny crossed the ocean to seek his fortune in the Capital Wasteland. He does not like talking about himself or his past, preferring his achievements to speak for themselves.[2]

As such, little is known about him before the founding of Tenpenny Tower. What is known is that with his fake aristocratic accent,[Non-game 2] he managed to amass a significant wealth. This fortune was large enough that, by 2257, he was hiring entire mercenary crews to recover high value equipment. One such expedition was an attempt to recover power armor from Fort Constantine. It failed, with nearly half of the team wiped out and a Mister Crowley left bitter and vengeful over being left behind. Tenpenny paid little attention to the mercs, and even less to Crowley, on account of him being a ghoul.[3]

Shortly after this botched job, Tenpenny met a man who changed his life: Mister Burke.[4] Burke made the restoration of the future Tenpenny Tower (then just a husk of a derelict resort, jutting up from the horizon in southwestern Capital Wasteland) a plausible endeavor, establishing himself as Tenpenny's right-hand man, capable of doing "what needs to get done."[5] A lot of work went into restoring the tower to a fraction of its former glory, and then securing the right kind of tenants to enjoy its security and luxuries.[6]

The end result is one of the only places in the Capital Wasteland where residents can enjoy a quality of life approximating pre-War conditions, thanks to Tenpenny's wealth and Burke's skills.[7] It is also protected by a crack mercenary team that is always paid on time, a rarity in the wastes.[8] Less rare is the fact that Allistair used to own slaves at Tenpenny Tower: Mei Wong is one of his victims, who managed to free herself and flee to Rivet City.[9]


While Tenpenny believes the tower to be the beginning of something great, rather than his crowning achievement,[10] he has allowed himself to rest on his laurels and largely retired to his penthouse suite. He is happy to extract rent from those living inside its walls. Since Tenpenny Tower is a most desirable location after all the renovations, he has no trouble amassing enough caps to pay caravans to ship supplies or foot the bill for his substantial security force.[11] He rarely ever leaves his chambers, sometimes not even bothering to dress,[12] and leading a generally decadent lifestyle. Doctor Julius Banfield had to treat him once for "bed sores,"[13] likely caught from Susan Lancaster, his mistress and the tower's prostitute. The two openly flirt whenever they happen to be in proximity.[14] He greets each evening with her with glee.[15] His other favorite, relaxing pastime is "wasteland safari," or randomly shooting anything that moves around the tower with a high-powered sniper rifle.[16] It helps stave off his boredom, at the very least.[Non-game 1]

Beyond sex and wanton violence, the octogenarian also carefully nurtures his alcoholism, boasting that he "[has not] been dry in years,"[17] and maintains a habit of eating an iguana bits sandwich with no salt and a peeled pear on the side for lunch, day after day, with zero tolerance for change. Margaret Primrose is frustrated at such waste of her culinary talents,[18] but remains at her landlord's mercy. Whenever he bothers showing up downstairs to eat at the table reserved specifically for him,[19] she shows deference and tries to suggest alternate meals, but Tenpenny remains loyal to his sandwich,[20] and viciously points out any shortcomings, such as adding salt.[21]


In fact, by 2277, it is Mister Burke who is in real control at Tenpenny Tower, with the eccentric Allistair a shut-in figurehead attracting attention with his antics, suffering from madness reserved for the obscenely rich.[22]

Burke is agreeable and proactive, and has taken over so many aspects of the tower's functioning that Tenpenny barely needs to think about things anymore, as Burke is always there to take care of everything, anticipating his needs. Tenpenny does not know how he got along without him. One such instance of Burke's proactiveness is him seizing the chance to wipe Megaton out and pin the blame on Tenpenny, by reacting to Allistair's comment about it being a "bit of an eyesore."[23] Alcoholic and likely senile, Tenpenny was easy to convince that Megaton must be sacrificed, as the bomb was unstable regardless and could explode at any time, Burke would tell people to vacate, and it was all just natural selection in the end.[24]

Burke spent weeks putting the plan in motion,[25] careful not to arouse suspicion or give the denizens of Megaton any reason to flee.[26] The destruction of Megaton, one of the only significant trading outposts on the left bank of the Potomac, would help the unfolding of Tenpenny's "Master Plan," which includes using Tenpenny Tower as a staging area to remedy the blight that plagues the Capital Wasteland.[27] Clearing out the past to make room for the future is part of that plan,[28] which is supposed to bring upon a pure and stainless future, which does not necessarily include ghouls.[29] In fact, should Tenpenny's project come to fruition, ghouls and other aberrations of nature would become a thing of the past, but that glorious future requires seeing the tower as a crucible for it, and any sacrifices as necessary to achieve it.[30]

While Burke passes this off as Tenpenny's sole vision, portraying the aged and demented Allistair as a pam of passion, ideals, and an antithesis of the apathetic, blighted men inhabiting the Capital Wasteland, it is not clear how much of that plan is actually Tenpenny's own invention.[31] One huge difference between what Burke says and what Allistair actually thinks is the issue of ghouls. While Tenpenny generally refers to them with a certain degree of contempt (when reminded of Crowley, he notes that "those zombies" are hard to kill),[32] he does not actually hate them. Once he deals with the shock of someone proposing ghouls moving into the tower,[33] he turns out to be largely indifferent. If the residents of the tower are fine with ghoul residents, he will happily permit them to settle over Chief Gustavo's objections. In fact, he will even relish the opportunity to hunt them down should they misbehave.[34] Ultimately, what matters is that they follow the rules and pay the rent on time. It does not even matter if they displace existing residents; caps are caps in the end.[35][36]

Daily schedule[]

Tenpenny rarely leaves his penthouse suite, but for the rare occasion he does, he has a seat reserved in Margaret Primrose's cafe.[37] Generally, he has his meals delivered to the penthouse, always ordering an "iguana bit sandwich, no salt, with a peeled pear on the side" for lunch.[18]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FO76 ui icon quest
This character is involved in quests.
This character drops a finger upon death (Lawbringer).


  • The Power of the Atom: If the player agrees with Burke's pitch and installs the fusion pulse charge, they will join Tenpenny and Burke to witness the destruction of Megaton in a nuclear explosion. The player will be rewarded with a suite in the tower in return for their services.
    • The quest can still be completed even if Roy Phillips had his way with Tenpenny.
  • Tenpenny Tower: The Lone Wanderer can convince Tenpenny to give his permission for the ghouls to move in. After the ghouls are allowed to move in, Roy Phillips and Tenpenny will have a "disagreement" and Tenpenny will have an "accident," which results in Tenpenny's body being stuffed in a storage closet.[38]
  • You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head: Mister Crowley wants someone to kill Tenpenny. If the player accepts the task and confronts Tenpenny, Allistair will make a counter-offer, hiring the Lone Wanderer to kill Crowley instead (the player can negotiate a higher wage).
    • Killing Tenpenny with a blow to the head will result in Rivet City inhabitants commenting on his death,[39] and Chief Gustavo assuming command over Tenpenny Tower.[40]
  • Slave Hunt: Mei Wong used to be enslaved by Tenpenny, and mentions it in the quest. This has no impact on the unmarked quest and cannot be brought up with Tenpenny.[9]

Other interactions[]

  • He sits on his balcony, enjoying the view from his tower, bothered only by Megaton, which he calls an eyesore on the horizon.[23] Nearby are items such as empty whiskey bottles, shot glasses, a cigarette pack, an ashtray and a chessboard. He carries a sniper rifle, and will randomly shoot at things in the wasteland when outside, as part of his "wasteland safari."[16]
  • Tenpenny will not acknowledge Burke's demise should it occur.


Fallout 3
Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tenpenny's suit Sniper rifle Allistair Tenpenny's suite key
Fallout Shelter


Allistair Tenpenny appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout Shelter.

Behind the scenes[]


Original concept art from The Art of Fallout 3

  • In a 2009 Fallout 3 afterthoughts feature, Emil Pagliarulo mentions Allistair Tenpenny, saying that he traveled to the Capital Wasteland from Great Britain in order to seek his fortune. Pagliarulo stated that by mentioning small details about the state of the rest of the world, characters like Tenpenny can "serve as a catalyst" for players' imaginations.[Non-game 3]
  • In a 2022 interview with Pixel.tv, Emil Pagliarulo said that Tenpenny's accent is fake and is him pretending to be more sophisticated.[Non-game 2]

Cut content[]

  • Tenpenny was conceptualized as a younger man, with slicked-back hair and a well-trimmed mustache, characteristic of British male fashion among aristocrats in the early 20th century. While his suit was created close to how Adam Adamowicz envisioned it, Tenpenny became much more wrinkly, corresponding to his age.
  • Allistair would have hosted his own radio station at the tower, called Tenpenny Tower radio. He would have pretended to be a radio celebrity, offering various motivational phrases and truisms, apparently as encouragement, coupled with a tinge of megalomania: "On that vast plain of dust we will raise new cities, and like the Phoenix spread the wings of new life and take flight!"
  • Tenpenny's involvement with mercs at Fort Constantine was covered in more detail in an early version of You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head, which featured several cut notes (Mister Crowley's hit list; Trapped, trapped, trapped; Dave's note; Dukov's note; Strayer's note and Tara's note).



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    (Rivet City conversations) Note: This dialogue is shared by all Rivet City residents. A full list can be found here.
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    (Chief Gustavo's dialogue)


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