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Acquire a taste of Atlantic City's high life... and learn its consequences.

All the World's a Stage is a quest in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


The attack on the Russos at The Rose Room triggered a psychotic breakdown in Abbie Russo, forcing the family to improvise. The only way to help her is to acquire a dose of the Devil's Blood, a designer drug she's currently suffering withdrawals from. But that is a luxury only found at the Atlantic City...

Quick walkthrough[]

Detailed walkthrough[]

In order to reach the City, the dwellers need to make the appropriate travel arrangements. The only method of travel that has the right reach is Lennox's Vertibird at the Whitespring Refuge. However, they first need to secure permission from Orlando in order to get the ultracells for the flight. Arriving at the refuge, Evelyn talks to Orlando and tries to persuade them to clear the flight to Acee. The player character proves the decisive factor (assuming they've completed Responders Reborn; Vin will react to mentioning this, as well as completing any one expedition).

While at the refuge, the player can also talk with Jeremiah Hopkins, who extolls the wonders of Atlantic City as one of the few cities to survive the nuclear war unscathed. There are several checks the player can use:

  • Charisma 8+ allows them to inquire about the actual threats in Acee, which will foreshadow the Overgrown.
  • Perception 8+ allows asking him about what really caused him to flee Atlantic City and pick up work as an advertiser on behest of the Munis. He'll reveal he saw something unnatural.
  • Endurance 8+ allows for an attempt to inspire him. He will thank the dweller, but will openly admit that he's a coward.

Once permission is secured, Lennox can be interacted with to fly to Atlantic City.

Seeking Stanley[]

She will deposit the entire team in the Casino Quarter, and offer some minor pointers on where to have fun - as well as reveal that she would gladly participate in the drinking and partying, but she only has one Vertibird. Evelyn will speak up and give a rundown on the situation, noting that a fellow by the name of Stanley Soriano is the best lead for acquiring a dose of the Devil's Blood. The next question is simple: Reaching Stanley.

The best bet I can give you is a fellow named Stanley Soriano. He spends all his free time at the high rollers lounge in the Neapolitan Casino. Stan is a weak link. Make him feel important and he'll serve up practically anything on a silver platter.

Soriano is located in the high rollers lounge of The Neapolitan Casino. Entering it requires either convincing the door guard that the dwellers are there to keep their friend, Stanley, out of trouble with Charisma 8+, navigating the backrooms of the Casino, or simply shooting him in the face.

Inside, the dwellers witness Stanley almost getting cheated at a poker game, which ends up in a bloody confrontation and one more corpse in Acee. Luckily, it's not Stanley. Talking to him reveals that he's a hopeless gambling addict, who got misled by an AI about gambling odds and that the odds of winning increase the more he plays. The dwellers can point out the gambler's fallacy to him with Intelligence 4+. More importantly, Stanley offers a deal: Sending a message to Zayde, one of The Showmen, in return for a taste of the Devil's Blood. Alternatively, it may be possible to purchase it for 10,000 caps, persuading him with Charisma 8+, or completing Tax Evasion beforehand, though it doesn't seem to be implemented on the PTS.

This is a way to get around the limitations of the peace deal between the triads, with the dweller(s) as patsies. However, it's the only way to acquire a sample of the exclusive drug. It's on to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The player needs to reach the entrance to Showman's Pier, where the entry is barred by the greatest obstacle of any questing hero: The ticket clerk. A ticket can be purchased for XXX caps or the clerk persuaded with Charisma X to be let in for free.

Clowning around[]

Once inside, it's time to head backstage. As it turns out, the star clown is late to arrive, giving the dweller an opportunity to stand in for them and experience the life of a Showman. In order to progress, they need to equip both the clown hat and costume inside the backstage dressing room, and head to the stage.

The show requires the players to introduce themselves, picking a clown name (John Lickety Split, Asbestos elicit boos, Quigley the Clown, Petunia, Slinky, Twinkle Frown Dinkle Bop Buttercup or Spudley cheers), and then telling jokes, which require Charisma/Intelligence X to make the audience happy, and terminates in pie throwing with the other clowns and a bout of grenade juggling. After the opening act, the dwellers head backstage for a break and run into Evelyn, who's determined to show up the Showmen for kicking her off the show over her unwillingness to risk life and limb in her stunts.

In the dialogue, the players can choose whether to influence Evelyn's attitude positively or negatively. She will agree to stand down and reveal that Zayde is unwilling to risk getting killed on stage, and wears a stab-proof vest underneath his clown costume. This allows for a non-lethal resolution to this part of the quest.

The player returns to the stage with Zayde, who's starring in a knife throwing stunt. The players can choose to aim for the head (killing him instantly), torso (which reveals his duplicitous nature and lack of artistic integrity), or hit the limbs repeatedly. Once Zayde is dealt with, Dimples the Clown appears, leading to a violent confrontation on stage, with the show crashed.

Leaving the venue and returning to The Neapolitan Casino completes the Acee part of the quest, as Stanley holds up his end of the bargain and gives the dwellers the Blood of the Devil. Once it's collected, Lennox returns the party to Appalachia, where it's a short trip to The Rose Room to dose Abbie up.

Vin knows this is only a temporary solution, so he asks the dwellers to go and talk to his father, Antonio Russo, to figure out if he remembers anything that can help with creating an antidote for the Devil's Blood.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak to OrlandoOrlando has approved my flight to AC. Unfortunately, it turns out Evelyn is coming too.
? Confront EvelynSince Evelyn is from Atlantic City, she might know where I could acquire Devil's Blood. We should talk at the vertibird landing site in the Casino Quarter.
? Find Stanley SorianoMy best lead on acquiring a dose of Devil's Blood is a fellow named Stanley Soriano. He can usually be found in the High Rollers Lounge at the Neapolitan Casino.
? Find a way into the High Rollers LoungeI need to find a way into the High Rollers Lounge to talk to him. Maybe I could ask the doorman, or search the back rooms for a key.
? Observe the poker gameI witnessed Soriano almost getting cheated in a poker game. I could probably take advantage of his gullibility
? Strike a deal with Stan:I need to convince Stan that I'm worthy.
? Get into Zayde's showIn return for a dose of Devil's Blood, Stanley Soriano wants me to send a "message" to a Showman named Zayde, who stole Devil's Blood. I should gather whatever information I need from Stan and accept the deal. First step is to head down to the Boardwalk and attend the show Zayde is putting on tonight.
? Investigate backstage:I need to get backstage and find Zayde.
? Impersonate the star clownI made it backstage at Zayde's show. The star clown is late to arrive, and the show won't start without them. This could be an opportunity...
? Take the stageI am impersonating the star clown at Zayde's show. This should give me an opportunity to send Stan's "message" to Zayde. But first, I have a show to put on!
? Return backstageI managed to put on a great opening act! I should head backstage and see if I can find an opportunity to send Stan's "message" to Zayde.
? Confront EvelynEvelyn showed up at Zayde's show, hoping to redeem her reputation as a performer. I talked her down, and she provided information about the final act. Throwing knives at Zayde provides a great opportunity to send Stan's "message".
? Return to the stage for the final actI successfully crashed the show. Zayde won't be stealing more Devil's Blood anytime soon. Time to find Stan on the Boardwalk and get my reward.
? Listen to Zayde's introductionPerform in the knife-throwing act
? Defeat the Star Clown
? Flee the venue
? Meet up with Stanley SorianoI acquired a dose of Devil's Blood from Stanley Soriano, as promised. I'd better get this to Abbie, quick.
? Speak to VinI gave the dose of Devil's Blood to Abbie, saving her from a potentially fatal withdrawal. But this is only a temporary solution. I should talk to Vin about a long-term solution.
?Quest finishedDiscuss what to do nextVin asked me to question his father, Antonio, to see if he remembers anything about Devil's Blood.


  • "Someone drew a picture of me at the fair... It was a comedy sketch!"
  • "I saw a balloon today, but I couldn't buy it because of inflation."
  • "Last night I met a cannibal... but I tasted too funny for them!"
  • "I don't know any jokes!"
  • "My favorite place to go after work is the honky-tonk!"
  • "I wanted to buy a house... but I couldn't afford the clown payment."
  • "A cannibal tried to boil me alive... but I'm already a laughingstock!"
  • "Stop looking at me! I'm not funny!"

Behind the scenes[]

The Showmen announcer heard during the clown performance in this quest was voiced by George Ackles.[Non-game 1]