The All Faiths Chapel is a location in Diamond City in 2287.


The All Faiths Chapel serves as a non-denominational religious center for Diamond City. Everyone is welcome regardless of their beliefs, or lack thereof, and visitors are encouraged to sit and ponder the divine, regardless of the form the divine takes for them. Given the chapel's open nature, Pastor Clements is willing to lead almost any religious service, though he notes that he cannot guarantee he will know how to guide someone in their worship.


The All Faiths Chapel is a small single story building located near the main entrance to Diamond City. It includes a pulpit around the corner from the entrance and a pew with two Diamond City residents sitting on it. If the Sole Survivor sits on the pew, they will obtain the temporary perk Quiet Reflection for 8 hours.


Pastor Clements


During the unmarked quest Wedding Day, if Miss Edna is convinced that love is worth the risk, she will be married to Mister Zwicky outside of the chapel building.


The All Faiths Chapel only appears in Fallout 4.


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