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I had two of these things specially made for us in Virginia by The Tailor. He's a master at this stuff. I know you and your chick will love it.Lug-Nut, Lag-Bolt's note

The all-nighter nightwear is a piece of clothing found in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Lug-Nut had two of these specially made in Virginia by "The Tailor," according to Lag-Bolt's note. Its counterpart clothing is the naughty nightwear.


This can be obtained in The Sorrowful Suitor as a part of Broken Steel. Found in La Maison Beauregard in a suitcase which can be opened with Lag-Bolt's key after listening to the Sorry, my darling holodisk.


  • It is identical to naughty nightwear in appearance, though it has different stats.
  • Its effect is listed as "Naughty Nightfun" in the Pip-Boy.
  • It can be repaired with a diverse selection of clothing, ranging from Enclave officer uniforms to pre-War bonnets.
  • Unlike naughty nightwear, the leopard patterns appear when this item is dropped out of inventory.