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Aligned flamer barrel is a weapon barrel mod for the Enclave plasma gun and plasma gun in Fallout 76.


When applied to a plasma gun, the mod changes the weapon's projectile type to a wide flamer-like spray. Compared to the base flamer barrel mod, the aligned barrel decreases recoil while increasing hip-fire accuracy.


Enclave plasma gun

Not craftable, see notes.

Plasma gun
Screw (4)
Silver (3)
Steel (15)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Learned when scrapping object
Plasma gun
Chance: 10%
Aligned flamer barrel (1)

ID table

Weapon OMOD editor ID OMOD ID MISC editor ID MISC ID
Enclave plasma gun mod_Enclave_PlasmaGun_Barrel_Flamer_Recoil-HipAccuracy 0018C4DD miscmod_mod_Enclave_PlasmaGun_Barrel_Flamer_Recoil-HipAccuracy 0031D581
Plasma gun mod_PlasmaGun_Barrel_Flamer_Recoil-HipAccuracy 0018ABF7 miscmod_mod_PlasmaGun_Barrel_Flamer_Recoil-HipAccuracy 0031D5A4


  • The aligned flamer barrel mod may be crafted and applied at a weapons workbench if the relevant plan is known. The plasma gun mod can only be learned from scrapping weapons of the same type, while the Enclave plasma gun can only be found as a loose mod.
  • Loose mods may be randomly sold by Responder, Raider, Brotherhood, and Free States vendors. They may also be found randomly in various locations or earned as quest rewards depending on the weapon type.
  • The mod for the Enclave plasma gun is unlearnable and thus can only be obtained either already attached to an existing weapon found in the world or in the form of a loose mod. The loose mod can be sold by the Watoga vendor bot or Vendor bot Phoenix, given as a quest reward for Cop a Squatter, or found randomly in the Cranberry Bog region.
Loose mod locations
Weapon type The Forest Toxic Valley Savage Divide Ash Heap The Mire Cranberry Bog
Plasma No No Dominant location Dominant location Dominant location Yes
Enclave No No No No No Dominant location