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Alien epoxy is an item which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on.


It can be used to increase the condition of the currently equipped weapon, up to a maximum of 100%. Earth weapons are extremely rare aboard the ship, so the epoxy is the only alternative to repair weapons brought aboard. The percentage repaired depends on the user's Repair skill:

Repair Skill Weapon Condition
0-24 +15%
25-49 +20%
50-74 +25%
75-100 +30%

Alien epoxy comes in tubes and over 100 tubes can be found in Mothership Zeta. Since they have no weight, all tubes found can be carried without being over-encumbered. While the effect of one tube may not conform to the table above, it is always possible to increase a weapon's condition to 100% by applying multiple tubes consecutively, regardless of a player character's Repair skill. Alien epoxy cannot repair armor or clothing.


  • Alien epoxy can be found in the "Aid" section of the Pip-Boy.
  • The weapon must be equipped in order for the epoxy to repair it. Therefore, alien epoxy cannot repair completely broken weapons.
  • Upon completion of Mothership Zeta, talking to Sally every 24 hours will yield a random item, which could be alien epoxy.
  • Alien epoxy can not be applied in the repair menu, instead it is activated like a stimpak.

Behind the scenesEdit

An "epoxy" is a step-growth thermoset polymer that solidifies around the applied area, such as glue.

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