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Hey, I thought you should know... Someone must've hit a button during the fight just now. If I understood the display correctly, I think we sort of launched a homing beacon of some kind down to the surface. Landed just outside DC. I wouldn't mention it, except that I think... Like I said, I'm not sure... I think it's a way to get back to earth.Elliott Tercorien

The alien crash site is an unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. It is equidistant from the clifftop shacks to the northwest and Greener Pastures disposal site to the southeast.


The location contains the remains of an alien recon craft (Theta), which crashed through a house and came to rest in a cliffside. Next to the craft is a dead alien that cannot be interacted with or looted. It is the source of one of the Capital Wasteland's radio signals, known as the Recon craft Theta signal.

Behind the house lies the wrecked recon craft. It is badly damaged and leaking an unspecified radioactive liquid, dealing 4 rads/s. The only point of interest is at the front of the ship, the side opposite the ruined house. If the Lone Wanderer is at the MDPL-13 power station, south of the crash site, it can be found by following the power cables north until they come across the alien distress beacon. The signal is called the "Recon Craft Theta Signal" on the player character's Pip-Boy 3000.

The player character can follow this to the site as it gets louder and clearer as they get closer, and they will start to become irradiated. At the front of the ship, the cockpit dome is shattered. The pilot's body lies outside, against a pile of rocks with the powerful alien blaster in its hand. About 120 alien power cells are scattered around. The trail from the house to the ship is full of debris from the crash, most of which cannot be picked up or moved.

After the completion of the Mothership Zeta add-on, an alien homing beacon takes the place of the crashed craft as a marked location, allowing the player character to teleport to Mothership Zeta and back at will. It will also have a map marker for easy fast travel.

Notable loot


  • With the addition of the Mothership Zeta add-on, the player character is transported before the alien blaster can be retrieved. After completion of the add-on, the alien blaster and ammunition will still be on the surface, even though the ship is back on the mothership. If the alien blaster and alien power cells are not visible, they can be accessed via the tcl console command on PC or by using Dogmeat to obtain the blaster and power cells.
  • The pilot has some properties when picked up, as the game treats their body as an object, not as a non-player character corpse. First, it is weightless when picked up, and will sometimes even hover perfectly horizontally when picked up. Also, the pilot rotates and flips in a circular pattern when picked up by the head, exactly like the Chinese stealth armor when picked up by the helmet. Also, if one picks up the dead alien and drags it around, its head disappears.
  • If one does not have the Mothership Zeta add-on installed, then the Recon Craft Theta distress signal will not be picked up by the Pip-Boy unless they are close to the crash site. If Mothership Zeta is installed, however, the Pip-Boy can pick up the signal anywhere in the Capital Wasteland and as far away as the Pitt.
  • Upon completing Mothership Zeta, the "Recon Craft Theta" signal disappears. This is because the mothership Zeta recovered the ship transmitting it. The recon craft can be seen as it is lifted into the hangar bay.
  • If one uses console commands to get under the ship, there will be a radio. If the player character engages conversation with the radio, it will just say "Hello there."
  • If the alien is moved from the vicinity of the crash site, it will respawn back there in 3 in-game days but will not be carrying another blaster.
  • If the Lone Wanderer encounters human enemies near the crash site, one of them may pick up the alien blaster. The player character can retrieve the blaster by looting their corpse.


The alien crash site appears only in Fallout 3.