The alien blaster round is a type of ammunition in Fallout 76.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The rounds consist of a cylinder of blue energy capped at each end by metal disks.

Weapons using this ammunition[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Ammunition is found southeast of Black Mountain Ordnance Works, at TNT dome #2.

Inside the submerged safe with the alien blaster is a rusted key which begins an unmarked questline in order to access the ammunition at TNT dome #2. The Rusted key unlocks a shack on the roof of Freddy Fear's House of Scares in the northern Mire. Outside the door is a note regarding this mystery as well. Contained in the room is a note on a holotape on the floor to the right of the chair at the desk with the broken terminal titled stolen terminal passcode which originally comes from Trevor Moorman's terminal on the top floor of the Shadowbreeze Apartments in Morgantown. Going to that terminal allows the player character to write the passcode onto a holotape which can then be taken to a house in Pleasant Valley cabins. A terminal on the wall there allows the player character to generate a one-time use code to open a hidden wall safe in the cliffside under the house which contains TNT dome key 2.

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