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The alien blaster pistol is a weapon in Fallout 4.


The gun is very futuristic in appearance, with a chrome and red paint job. It fires blue bolts of energy and deals 50 damage without any pistol perks. With maximum levels in Science! this weapon can be modified to run using fusion cells. This reduces the damage by two points, but extends the battery size and allows for continued use of the weapon once its standard ammo cells are depleted.

The downside to this weapon is its large shot size and slow projectile speed - these can lead to shots missing or clipping cover where a normal round would have gone through. The game treats this gun as if it is silenced for detection, but does not confer the skill-based boosts to damage for a silenced weapon from Mister Sandman or other sources.

The alien blaster pistol, however, is not a bad weapon to use in V.A.T.S. and close-range combat, due to its low AP cost, good accuracy, good DPS and great range (with the perk Gunslinger applied for the latter two). The slow travel time of the projectiles also hit grenades in the VATS better than energy weapons with faster projectile speed as those fire too early and miss the grenade, while the slower blaster bolts hit the grenade at the right time.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per shot change Fire rate change Range change Accuracy change Magazine capacity (shots per reload) change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Form ID
Barrel Short barrel Standard. Aluminum x3
Circuitry x3
Glass x4
Plastic x6
Screw x3
Long barrel Superior range and sighted accuracy. Better recoil. Poor hip-fire accuracy. Long +84 +0.5 +30 Science! 3 Adhesive x5
Aluminum x4
Circuitry x3
Fiber optics x2
Fiberglass x8
Glass x3
Screw x3
Grip Standard grip Standard. Aluminum x3
Plastic x4
Screw x3
Sharpshooter's grip Better recoil and hip-fire accuracy. Sharpshooter's +3 +0.2 +68 Science! 2 Adhesive x4
Aluminum x6
Fiberglass x5
Rubber x4
Screw x4
Magazine Standard mag Uses standard alien blaster rounds. Adhesive x1
Aluminum x2
Circuitry x1
Fiber optics x3
Screw x3
Fusion magazine Reduced damage and ammo capacity. Changes ammo type to Fusion Cells. Converted -2 +21 +143 Science! 4 Adhesive x4
Aluminum x5
Circuitry x5
Fiber optics x3
Gold x3
Nuclear material x4
Screw x3
Sights Standard sights Standard. Adhesive x1
Aluminum x2
Plastic x2
Short scope Improved magnification. Superior sighted accuracy. Scoped +12 +0.4 +53 Science! 2 Adhesive x2
Glass x2
Plastic x4
Screw x2
Short night vision scope Night vision. Improved magnification. Superior sighted accuracy. Night-vision +12 +0.4 +188 Science! 3 Adhesive x5
Circuitry x3
Crystal x3
Fiber optics x3
Fiberglass x5
Nuclear material x3
Screw x3
Silver x3



It can be looted off an alien, who is found inside a cave next to a UFO that crashed from the sky. The cave is just northeast of the crash site and can be found by following the green liquid on the ground and rocks.

The event may be mentioned by any follower besides Dogmeat, who may comment on seeing something crashing from out of the sky. The event is fairly loud, and a crash is heard. Go east of Oberland station, northwest of Chestnut Hillock Reservoir or north of Vault 81, to find the crash site. One can also use the "garbled radio beacon" radio signal to find the crash site. There should be fire around the crash site, making it easily spotted at night. Follow the green blood splatters to an unmarked cave, where a live alien has the blaster. The alien itself is low-leveled and easily killed, but will drop the alien blaster pistol along with a very large amount of ammo for it.


  • The description of the fusion magazine says "Reduced damage and ammo capacity. Changes ammo type to fusion cells." However, the ammo capacity actually increases to 63.
  • The fusion magazine mod does not change the model or appearance of the weapon in any way; the blaster's reload animation will even still seem to show an alien blaster round being loaded into the weapon.
  • Despite its model's unique appearance, the alien blaster's night vision scope has the same HUD overlay and cross-hairs as the respective mod has on any other weapon.
  • The alien blaster round used by the weapon prior to it being modified is limited in quantity to the amount looted from the corpse of the alien, eventually forcing the player character to re-chamber the weapon to fire fusion cell rounds if they wish to continue using it.
  • Killed enemies turn into piles of ash, just like those killed by usual laser guns. However, the ash is colored blue rather than red, similar to enemies killed by Institute lasers.
  • There is also an unusable version of the alien blaster pistol, based on the appearance of its counterpart in Fallout 3, that is wielded by the animatronic aliens in Nuka-World. This weapon has proper graphics animations for first/third-person view and reloading the weapon if console commands are used to enable it.
  • The 4th rank of the Scrounger perk does not affect the weapon in any way.


Alien blaster icon.png
Alien blaster icon.png