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Gametitle-FO4 CC
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The alien atomizer is a weapon in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Zetan Arsenal".


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Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Icon damage Icon attack Range change Icon spread Assault carbine extended magazines Icon weight Icon merchant Perk needed Components Base ID
Barrel Standard barrel Standard. Aluminum x3
Circuitry x3
Glass x4
Plastic x6
Screw x3
Splitter barrel Fires multiple projectiles. Poor accuracy. Splitting  ? +0.5  ? Science! 1 Adhesive x3
Circuitry x3
Fiber optics x5
Fiberglass x3
Gears x3
Oil x2
Plastic x2
Screw x4
Slicer barrel Extra limb damage. Superior damage. Inferior recoil. Slicing  ? +0.5  ? Science! 1 Aluminum x4
Circuitry x3
Crystal x3
Fiber optics x2
Glass x6
Adhesive x4
Screw x3
Suppressor barrel Suppresses sound from firing. Improved accuracy and recoil. Suppressed  ? +0.5  ? Gun Nut 1
Science! 1
Adhesive x8
Aluminum x9
Fiberglass x5
Screw x6
Grip Standard grip Standard. Aluminum x3
Plastic x4
Screw x3
Comfort grip Improved recoil and hip-fire accuracy. Sharpshooter's  ? +0.1  ? Science! 1 Adhesive x4
Aluminum x8
Rubber x4
Screw x4
Magazine Standard magazine Uses standard Alien Blaster Rounds. Adhesive x1
Aluminum x2
Circuitry x1
Fiber optics x3
Screw x3
Fusion magazine Reduced damage and ammo capacity. Changes ammo type to Fusion Cells. Converted -? +? +? Science! 4 Adhesive x4
Aluminum x5
Circuitry x5
Fiber optics x3
Gold x3
Nuclear material x4
Screw x3
Sights Standard sights Standard. Adhesive x1
Aluminum x2
Plastic x2
Reflex sights Better focus and sighted accuracy. Tactical +? +0.5 +? Science! 1 Adhesive x2
Glass x1
Nuclear material x2
Screw x2


It can be found on an alien shot down from the sky in a UFO, during Over the Moon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the model is very similar to the one in Fallout 3, the color is changed from gray to brown.


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