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Alice McLafferty is the executive manager of the Crimson Caravan headquarters in the Hub and current manager of the New Vegas branch in 2281. McLafferty is a shrewd businesswoman who runs all her day-to-day activities with utmost efficiency and a degree of ruthlessness infamous among CCC employees,[1] but still maintains the loyalty and respect among them for her competency.[2]


Business-minded, Alice McLafferty has been a driving force in making the Crimson Caravan Company the most successful merchant house to come out of New California.[3] Normally, McLafferty would be managing main operations of the CCC in the Hub, but as the New Vegas branch had been under-performing lately thanks to the incompetency of Henry Jamison, who she had assigned thanks to pressure from his family, so she relocated herself to fix her own mistake.[4]

Other than running the New Vegas branch of the CCC, McLafferty has struck up a deal with rival merchant house the Van Graffs to eliminate smaller competition, like Cassidy Caravans, and bleed resources from larger merchant houses, like the Gun Runners. Outside of the CCC, McLafferty also does work in the political sector of the NCR to gain favor with the Republic and to propose tariffs on rival merchant houses.

She saw the order to accompany Governor Joseph Dodge to Hoover Dam as an opportunity to expand her caravan empire and puts on a great show of support for Dodge and his efforts, but secretly wants him to fail. If he does, she will seize the opportunity to take over Hoover and shape it into a town that would be the envy of the wasteland.

Part of her master plan is to work both sides of the BoS/NCR war. She is currently supplying weapons and ammunition to both the Brotherhood at Maxson's bunker and the NCR at Hoover Dam. It is her hope that the war of attrition will eventually take its toll on Dodge and he will step down. Once this happens, she plans to make a supply run to Maxson's Bunker, assassinate Devon Hill, blow up the entrance to Maxson's bunker, therefore trapping any survivors inside, and come back to Hoover Dam as the hero who ended the war. Lofty plans, to be sure, but she has full confidence in herself to pull it off. Corporate espionage seems to be her favorite pastime.[5]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Effects of player's actions

  • Additionally, the Courier can eventually discover that Alice has been secretly working with the Van Graffs to ambush the other caravans and force them out of business. The Courier, at the behest of Cass, may then murder McLafferty, eventually resulting in serious trouble with the NCR's supply lines.
  • The Courier may instead give evidence of McLafferty's crimes to the NCR, allowing them to "tighten their grip" on trade throughout the Mojave Wasteland.
  • If the Courier steals the Gun Runners manufacturing schematics and finishes Heartache by the Number peacefully, then Alice and Gloria will get ambushed and killed by Gun Runners seeking revenge. This occurs even if the Courier wasn't caught stealing the schematics.
  • Murdering McLafferty or opening her office safe in front of Crimson Caravan employees will turn them hostile.
  • Killing McLafferty before completing You Can Depend on Me and Pressing Matters causes failure of those quests.



Alice sleeps in the guard barracks at night.


Alice McLafferty appears in Fallout: New Vegas. She was to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.

Behind the scenes



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    Alice McLafferty: "[SUCCEEDED] Being sentimental is not how I made the Crimson Caravan so successful, but I'll allow it, just this once. Janet will be paid what she's owed. Consider it a gift."
    (Alice McLafferty's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "You're well-dressed for this place."
    Alice McLafferty: "Normally, I oversee company operations at the Hub in California. However, the New Vegas branch has been underperforming in recent years. Given the conditions here, it's not hard to see why. I'll change all that, soon enough."
    (Alice McLafferty's dialogue)
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