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But now with all the danger on I-15, folks are starting to come through here from all over. Novac might just be the next Nevada boom town.

Alice McBride is a local farmer living in Novac in 2281.


Alice and Dusty, her husband, are the salt of Novac's earth. Honest, hardworking, and married for more than 50 years, they've seen much of what wasteland has to offer.[1] Despite that, their love is as strong as ever as they continue to raise brahmin together in Novac and have been for years before Novac was as big as it is now.[2] They mostly keep to themselves, much to Jeannie May Crawford's annoyance, but they're set in their ways.[3] Dusty's the man in charge of the brahmin, while Alice specializes in processing their meat into edible steaks - Dusty jokes it's the thing keeping him at her side - but their business recently ran into trouble. For the past several weeks, someone has been killing their brahmin each night. They don't steal them, don't eat them, they just gun one brahmin down each night. The McBrides are at the end of their wits, especially since they're down to half their herd. Any longer and they'd be denied a livelihood.[4]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • The Screams of Brahmin: Alice knows that something has been killing their brahmin lately, but that's about it. She tells the player character to speak to her husband for more information.
  • One for My Baby: Alice is one of several Novac residents that can be framed for the enslavement of Carla Boone and brought up to the front of the Dinosaur, leading Craig Boone to shoot and kill her in an act of revenge.

Effects of player's actions

If Dusty dies the player character will no longer be able to engage Alice in dialogue. When prompted Alice will only express worry for Dusty's whereabouts, even if he was killed right in front of her.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Pre-War spring outfit

Notable quotes


Alice McBride appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "I just wanted to meet you."
    Alice McBride: "Oh! Well I'm Alice and that handsome stranger yonder is my husband Dusty. Going on fifty years, now. I keep waiting for him to leave me for some young thing with platinum blonde hair and hoop earrings, but he still sticks around. Says it's my cooking. I think it's because I know which Brahmin udder you can milk without getting kicked in the noggin."
    (Alice McBride's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Have you lived here a long time?"
    Alice McBride: "We set up this ranch years back when Novac was just getting settled. But now with all the danger on I-15, folks are starting to come through here from all over. Novac might just be the next Nevada boom town."
    (Alice McBride's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "What do you think of the people who live here?"
    Alice McBride: "Oh, we keep to ourselves, for the most part. Try not to pry. I think Jeannie May gets bothered that we aren't more sociable, but it's just our way. Ain't that we don't appreciate what she's done, managing this town like she has, but I worry she feels that way anyhow. Not that there ain't others who pry around here. That No-bark was skulking around our yard last week. <Laughs> I thought he was our cow-killer. Was about to lash him with our bullwhip till I saw who it was. He's harmless, though. Part of me wishes I could see things like he sees 'em, all full of mystery."
    (Alice McBride's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "What can you tell me about the attacks on your ranch?"
    Alice McBride: "Well, it's the strangest thing. Last time it happened I could swear I heard someone cry out for help. Sounded like a big fella. But when we finally got up the gumption to go look outside all we found was our cattle. And I know what they sound like when they get upset. I can't imagine what went on. Dusty can probably tell you more about it."
    (Alice McBride's dialogue)