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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alice McLafferty.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome to the Crimson Caravan Company, New Vegas branch. What may I do for you? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome back. 2
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 It's been a pleasure. 3
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic001 I'm looking for work. Neutral 50 I'm afraid we have no current openings for caravaneers or guards, but I'm in need of a runner. 4
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic002 I'll take it. What do I need to do? Neutral 50 Deliver this invoice to Dr. Hildern. You can find him somewhere inside Camp McCarran. 5
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic003 Actually, I don't have time for this right now. Anger 20 {slightly annoyed - player asked for work, then turned down the job} I see. Was there anything else, then? 6
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic004 I delivered the invoice, just as you asked. Happy 10 Well, you've proven yourself reliable so far. Would you be interested in more important jobs? 7
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic005 What other work do you have available? Neutral 50 As much as I like to handle matters personally, I can't be everywhere at once. 8
Neutral 50 There is a negotiation with a smaller trading outfit that I'd like resolved as quickly as possible. 9
Anger 30 There's also the matter of Henry Jamison, an employee whose services I'd rather do without. His family connections make it difficult, however. 10
Neutral 50 And finally, I need someone to "acquire" the Gun Runner's manufacturing specifications. This job needs to be quiet - no alarms, no deaths. 11
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic006 I'd like to know more about the Crimson Caravan Company. Neutral 50 Certainly. What would you like to know? 12
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic007 How long have you been in business? Neutral 50 The Crimson Caravan Company has been in business for over 130 years. We're partially responsible for the progress in the NCR. 13
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic008 Does the Crimson Caravan have any competition? Neutral 50 Well, the Gun Runners continue to dominate the weapons market, and the Mormon traders from New Canaan control the majority of the northern routes. 14
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic009 You're well-dressed for this place. Neutral 50 Normally, I oversee company operations at the Hub in California. However, the New Vegas branch has been underperforming in recent years. 15
Neutral 50 Given the conditions here, it's not hard to see why. I'll change all that, soon enough. 16
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic010 I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 All right. Is there anything else I can do for you? 17
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic011 The Crimson Caravan Company no longer has to worry about Henry Jamison. Anger 30 Yes, I'd heard something about his untimely death. There will be a lot of questions from his family, so I trust you had nothing to do with this. 18
Neutral 50 I guess the one bright spot is that I can strike his name from the payroll after all. 19
The Crimson Caravan Company no longer has to worry about Henry Jamison. Anger 20 Yes, but at significant cost. I understand that you not only agreed that the company pay off his gambling debts, but he also gets severance. 20
Neutral 50 I'm disappointed with this outcome, but what's done is done. At least we're rid of Henry. 21
The Crimson Caravan Company no longer has to worry about Henry Jamison. Happy 20 Yes, I understand that he's decided to quit outright and not even ask for compensation. I'm a bit curious what exactly you said to him. 22
Neutral 50 Then again, perhaps I'd rather not know. Thank you all the same - I'm very happy to be rid of that man. 23
The Crimson Caravan Company no longer has to worry about Henry Jamison. Neutral 50 Yes, I heard. I believe we're now responsible for paying off his gambling debts, but that you bargained him down from a more outrageous demand. 24
Neutral 50 Well done. I'm very pleased to be rid of that man. 25
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic012 Cassidy Caravans has been bought out, and is now part of the Crimson Caravan Company. Happy 25 Very good. On occasion it's proven to be more profitable in the long run to simply buy out the competition, and this is one of those occasions. 26
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic013 I have the Gun Runner holotape. Anger 15 {Alarm, no deaths} The Gun Runners detected an intruder roaming around, so they'll like be aware of the theft soon enough. 27
Neutral 50 This unfortunate circumstance will prevent us from immediately using their blueprints to manufacture weapons. A pity. 28
I have the Gun Runner holotape. Anger 20 {Deaths} The Gun Runners will be looking for revenge for the murder of their people. I won't sell you out, but be careful out there. 29
Neutral 50 We'll be unable to make use of their schematics any time soon. Not what I was hoping for when I asked you to do the job. Take your pay. 30
I have the Gun Runner holotape. Happy 20 I hear it's business as usual at the Gun Runners, as if nothing unusual happened. Excellent work. 31
Neutral 50 We'll be able to use the schematics you acquired to begin manufacturing our own weapons immediately. We'll provide some to you at a discount. 32
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic014 Tell me about the negotiation. Neutral 50 There's a small trading outfit, Cassidy Caravans, that I'm interested in acquiring. They've been rather competitive, so it's time to buy them out. 33
Neutral 50 I have it on good authority that the owner, Cass, wants out of the caravan business. 34
Neutral 50 Cass frequently trades with the NCR, so you'll likely find her at the Mojave Outpost. 35
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic015 I want to know more about the problem with Henry Jamison. Neutral 50 The Jamisons are very wealthy ranchers back in Redding, California and significant investors in the Crimson Caravan Company. 36
Anger 10 I was pressured into posting young Henry as the manager of the New Vegas branch. As you can see, he wasn't exactly cut out for the job. 37
Anger 30 He was much more interested in gambling and prostitutes, and because of his family, I can't simply fire him. 38
Neutral 50 Henry needs to be convinced to quit, one way or another. I won't have a useless employee on the company payroll. 39
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic016 Janet's asked me to talk to you about releasing her from her contract. Anger 5 {snorting, a bit contemptuous} Ah, yes, her infatuation with a Boomer she's never met. It's a small camp, and word gets around. 40
Anger 10 She's aware she's breaking her contract, which is undoubtedly why she sent you to talk to me instead of coming herself. 41
Neutral 50 Janet is free to leave, but she forfeits the wages she's owed. That's the price of contract breaking - take it or leave it. 42
Janet's asked me to talk to you about releasing her from her contract. Neutral 50 My terms haven't changed. Janet is free to leave, but she forfeits the wages she's owed. 43
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic017 What's the Gun Runner job about? Neutral 50 The quality of the Gun Runners' armaments is due to their manufacturing process. They craft all weapons on-site. 44
Neutral 50 I want to know the secrets of their manufacturing process, which means you'll need to find some way to get inside their heavily-guarded factory. 45
Neutral 50 I would greatly prefer that you perform this job undetected and without killing anyone, if it can be helped. 46
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic018 I'll see what I can do. Neutral 50 Thank you. Was there something else? 47
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic019 I need to be reminded about a job you wanted me to do. Neutral 50 {Non-Dummy} Of course. Which one? 48
I need to be reminded about a job you wanted me to do. Anger 10 {Dummy - sigh, strained patience} Very well. What job did you need more information on? 49
< Speech 75 >
Are you really going to ruin what's supposed to be a time of happiness for her? Anger 5 {grumbling} [SUCCEEDED] Being sentimental is not how I made the Crimson Caravan so successful, but I'll allow it, just this once. 50
Neutral 50 Janet will be paid what she's owed. Consider it a gift. 51
Oh, come on. She's in love. Give her a break. Happy 5 {somewhat amused} [FAILED] You'll have to try harder than that. The rumors about my heart being made of stone are true. 52
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic021 You'll have to find someone else for the Gun Runner job. That's not something I do. Neutral 50 I understand. No hard feelings, but you will, of course, keep our conversation on the matter strictly confidential. 53
< Barter 65 >
Opening up trade with the Boomers would be easier with Janet in their camp, wouldn't you agree? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Intriguing. Janet puts in a good word for me, and the Crimson Caravan gains exclusive access to the Boomers. Yes, that works for me. 54
Happy 5 Janet will be paid what she's owed. Consider it a gift. 55
Janet's wages can't be that much. Why bother keeping them from her? Neutral 50 [FAILED] The Crimson Caravan Company's operations require dependable employees. I'm not going to reward someone for breaking their work contract. 56
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic023 I need to consider your offer. Neutral 50 Take all the time you need. 57
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic024 You have a deal. Neutral 50 I'm glad to hear it. 58
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic025 Are work contracts common for the Crimson Caravan Company? Neutral 50 Most merchant companies - {correcting herself, emphasizes "successful"} successful merchant companies, rather - have them. It can be inconvenient to replace employees on short notice. 59
Neutral 50 The contracts keep employees around for a specific duration of time, after which they get paid - after their upkeep expenses are deducted, of course. 60
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic027 What kind of upkeep expenses? Neutral 50 Food, water, living quarters, medicine, and clothes - just the basic stuff. It all comes out of the Company's coffers. 61
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic028 Are work contracts legal? Neutral 50 Yes, and they have been for decades now. The hired hands know what they're signing up for - we don't hide anything with fancy talk. 62
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic029 It seems like that the companies are getting the better deal. Happy 20 {grinning} That's because we are. {more serious} We always pay up when the contract ends, though. Won't stay in business long if you've got a reputation as a cheat. 63
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic030 Is there anything else you need me to do? Neutral 50 Something has actually come up. A prospector recently came through here and spent a lot of caps on supplies. 64
Anger 5 Closer inspection of these caps has revealed them to be brand new. This is a problem. 65
Neutral 50 The most likely source of these new caps is the old sarsaparilla bottling plant. Go there, locate the bottle cap press, and disable it. 66
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic031 I had some questions about bottle cap currency. Neutral 50 What would you like to know? 67
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic032 The bottle cap press is no longer a problem. Happy 10 Good. I'm sure you were thorough. Here's your payment for a job well done. 68
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic034 Why is a bottle cap press a problem for you? Neutral 50 People have been counterfeiting bottle caps forever, but it's always been small scale. 69
Neutral 50 A bottle cap press is a whole other threat. We can't have anyone devaluing our currency by mass producing new bottle caps. 70
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic035 Are new bottle caps ever made? Neutral 50 Certainly. Bottle caps do wear out or get damaged. Some people even insist on using bottle caps in explosive devices for some reason. 71
Anger 5 We make it a point to scour Pre-War bottling plants and recover or disable the bottle cap presses. It seems we missed one. 72
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic036 What makes a bottle cap genuine? Neutral 50 Lots of little things - the paint on the label, the machining, the type of metal it's made from. 73
Neutral 50 I know there's counterfeit caps floating around, of course. Fortunately, they're very time-consuming to make, so the numbers are small. 74
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic037 I'm looking for Cass. The Van Graffs told me to check in with you. Neutral 50 {Cass not hired} Coincidentally, I'm also looking for her. I've got a business offer she'd be interested in. 75
Neutral 50 I believe Cass frequents the Mojave Outpost, far south of here, near the California border. 76
VDialogueCrimsonCaravanAliceMcLaffertyTopic038 Cass isn't around anymore, so I won't be able to complete the negotiation for you. Neutral 50 A pity. I guess I'll have to find some other way to acquire her caravan's assets. Thanks for letting me know. 77


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 It's been a pleasure. 78