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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alice McBride.


AliceMcBrideIntro I just wanted to meet you. Happy 50 Oh! Well I'm Alice and you've already met my beau, Dusty. He's sweet, ain't he? I don't care what my mama said, I know how to pick 'em. 1
I just wanted to meet you. Happy 50 Oh! Well I'm Alice and that handsome stranger yonder is my husband Dusty. Going on fifty years, now. 2
Neutral 50 I keep waiting for him to leave me for some young thing with platinum blonde hair and hoop earrings, but he still sticks around. 3
Happy 50 Says it's my cooking. I think it's because I know which Brahmin udder you can milk without getting kicked in the noggin. 4
I just wanted to meet you. Neutral 50 We set up this ranch years back when Novac was just getting settled. 5
Neutral 50 But now with all the danger on I-15, folks are starting to come through here from all over. Novac might just be the next Nevada boom town. 6
AliceMcBridePeopleWhoLiveHere What do you think of the people who live here? Neutral 50 Oh, we keep to ourselves, for the most part. Try not to pry. I think Jeannie May gets bothered that we aren't more sociable, but it's just our way. 7
Neutral 50 Ain't that we don't appreciate what she's done, managing this town like she has, but I worry she feels that way anyhow. 8
Neutral 50 Not that there ain't others who pry around here. That No-bark was skulking around our yard last week. 9
Neutral 50 <Laughs> I thought he was our cow-killer. Was about to lash him with our bullwhip till I saw who it was. He's harmless, though. 10
Neutral 50 Part of me wishes I could see things like he sees 'em, all full of mystery. 11
DustyMcBrideTellMeWhatYouKnow What can you tell me about the attacks on your ranch? Neutral 50 Well, it's the strangest thing. Last time it happened I could swear I heard someone cry out for help. Sounded like a big fella. 12
Neutral 50 But when we finally got up the gumption to go look outside all we found was our cattle. And I know what they sound like when they get upset. 13
Neutral 50 I can't imagine what went on. Dusty can probably tell you more about it. 14
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Sorry, I ain't really up to entertaining visitors right now. I'm worried about Dusty. 15
GREETING Neutral 50 What brings you here? 16
SnipersRevengeBooneWife What can you tell me about Boone's wife? Neutral 50 Boone. That's that sniper fella, works in the dinosaur, right? I only met them but once or twice. 17
Neutral 50 They seemed real happy together. I really oughtta to get to know them better. They're probably nice folk. 18
SnipersRevengeComeOutside Come with me. There's something you should see, in front of the dinosaur. Neutral 50 It's kinda late, but I guess if it's important to you. 19
VDialogueNovacAliceMcBrideTopic001 Can we talk about something else? Neutral 50 {Slight surprise} Oh. Well, all right. 20
VDialogueNovacNobarkName How did No-bark get his name? Neutral 50 I'm not sure who started it. It wasn't a very nice name, but he took to calling himself by it, so we all had to. 21
Neutral 50 I don't even remember what his real name is. 22
Neutral 50 Anyway, I think it comes from that expression that people say when you're crazy - that not all of your dogs are barking. Poor No-bark. 23


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Nice of you to visit. 24
HELLO Hello Neutral 50 Look who's here. 25