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Audrey was the only one who ever got me.

Alex Guerra is a member of the Cult of the Mothman at Old Crimora Mines in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


Before the Great War, Alex was a misanthrope who claimed she hated people, and she also saw the appeal of communism. She met Audrey Stolz at a book store. The two entered an argument, but their differences from one another became a common ground. They loved to challenge each other's views and tastes in literature and the two became a couple, loving their unique differences. However, Alex hated Audrey's father Hugo Stolz, viewing him as a greedy capitalist. Hugo disliked Alex, viewing her communist ways as dangerous to his family wealth, especially as Audrey was heir to the Stolz fortune. Although Audrey tried to convince her father to let Alex into Vault 63, Hugo denied this. One day, Alex seemed to mysteriously vanish out of Audrey's life.

On the day of the Great War, Alex had plans to meet up with Audrey and flee with her, having sent a love letter to secretly meet her at Makeout Point.[1] However, Hugo found the love letter, and discovered that Alex was still in contact with Audrey after they moved to Shenandoah. Viewing Alex as still being a threat to his daughter, Hugo sent a goon to assassinate her. However, while Alex was being attacked, the bombs of the Great War drooped. Alex ran into the Mothman cultists, who she viewed as probably the only reason she escaped. The group made Alex their leader, and they all vowed to get revenge on Hugo. The group all turned into ghouls by the surrounding radiation.[2]

Over the years, Alex attributed her survival to the bombs of the Great War in an ironic way.[3] She also began to research the Mothman and used her knowledge to manipulate the cult followers, living with them in the Old Crimora Mines.[4]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • Oldest Trick in the Book: Alex steals Cassidy Stolz as revenge against Hugo. The player can infiltrate the mine wearing a cultist disguise, or go in guns blazing. It is impossible to save Alex. There are three possible options, but all of them result in Alex dying and the Vault Dweller having to fight all of her cultists; the player can only give Alex the book if the player is a pacifist while in the mine.
    • Give Alex the book and say it is from Hugo: Alex opens the book and it turns out to be a gas poison trap. She dies blaming Hugo, and tells the Vault Dweller to pass on a message that she still loves Audrey.
    • Give Alex the book and lie by claiming it is from Audrey: Alex opens the book and will die from the trap.
    • Kill Alex: Self-explanatory.


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Cultist monarch outfit
Cultist monarch mask
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Alex Guerra appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.