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This is a transcript for dialogue with Aldridge.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
6 003FE891 0041B825 Who the hell are you?
7 0041B826 You gonna help me or what?
39 0041B78D 0041B7FA That's it. I sure as hell ain't going out this way. If I'm gonna die, it's gonna be kicking your ass!
40 0041B78F 0041B81C Jesus, I can't barely handle what I'm dealing with now... Fine. Do it! I just want it to end.
42 0041B795 0041B802 Are you crazy?
43 0041B79B 0041B7E9 You gotta be kidding me!
44 0041B79D 0041B80A I don't know, I don't think I can do it. I don't want to die, man.
45 But you're right. You're right, dammit. Oh my God, ok. Ok. Just leave me, man. I can do it, just... let me do it alone.
46 0041B79F 0041B7EF I don't want to be one of those things. But I... I can't off myself. I just can't do it.
47 0041B7A1 0041B811 Dammit, you're right. You're right. We never should have come back here. Just make it quick, ok?
48 0041B7A3 0041B7F4 Shit, like that makes me feel any better? I just... I'm just not ready for this...
49 Let me take my chances. If I turn, I'm stuck in this trailer. No one gets hurt.
50 0041B7A5 0041B816 Quick and painless, heh. You expect me to be thankful for that?
51 No. You gotta let me live. Wounds like these, I ain't going anywhere.
52 Just let me die here, and if I turn Scorched... I ain't gettin' outta here anyway.
53 0041B7A7 0041B7F8 Are you crazy? I ain't one of those things yet and there's no proof I will be!
54 0041B7A9 0041B81B You want to kill me? Hey, I don't think I'm quite ready for drastic measures here. There's no guarantee I'll be one of them.
55 Please, I... I'm begging you. Just say you never saw me. No one has to know, and you'll never see me again.
56 0041B7AB 0041B7FD Well, what the hell is it then? Do I look like I'm in the mood for bullshit right now?
57 0041B7AD 0041B81F Solutions? Best news I heard all day. You got some cure or something because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need it.
58 0041B7AF 0041B801 Well, ain't I flattered. Sure she ain't gonna be too happy to see those Scorched rolled over us like nothing.
59 With my luck, I'm just going to end up like one of them things.
99 00426806 004268D3 The Scorched. They tore us apart. We had it under control, for a while. Thought we were finishing them off.
100 And then more... out of nowhere... They just kept coming.
181 00426861 00575AB3 Turnin' your back on a dying man? Figures. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Kinda guilt tripping.
182 00575AB4 Come on, you're just gonna leave me here? Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Kinda guilt tripping.
183 00575AB5 Heh, Wren always said I'd die alone. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Kinda guilt tripping.
275 00549A24 00575A9A Just do it! He's waiting for the player to kill him. Anxious/nervous/scared.
276 00575A9B C'mon... You said it'd be quick! He's waiting for the player to kill him. Anxious/nervous/scared.
277 00575A9C Let's get this over with. He's waiting for the player to kill him. Anxious/nervous/scared.
278 00575A9E I can't thank you enough. You won't regret this. Infected, wounded, and thankful.
279 00575A9F I'm good... It may be rough, but at least I can feel like I'm going out on my own terms. He's waiting for the player to kill him. Anxious/nervous/scared.
280 00575AA0 Maybe... come back and check up on me in a few days... Infected, wounded, and thankful.
281 Once I become one of those things... I think I'd appreciate someone putting me down. Infected, wounded, and thankful.
282 005A2268 Just leave me, man.
283 005A2269 Just let me do it alone.
284 00549A39 00549A43 You mean to tell me David ain't even here?
306 0054A37D 0054A388 Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine with the comfort skills of an asshole. I'd at least expect you to lie and make me think it'll be all right.
360 0056D328 0056D357 Aw, what? Something I said?
373 0056D32D 0056D33E You're tellin' me you worked with that babysittin' trash can and never once heard her broadcast?
374 She's only blastin' the news far and wide about some rumored treasure hidden up here in Appalachia.
375 Now this place is crawling with vultures tryin' to take what's ours, and I ain't about to let that happen.
376 I won't let my people down. Not after all we've been through.
377 0056D32F 0056D33D You may kill me, but at least I'm gonna die fighting!
380 0056D333 0056D33C Seriously? A guy can't get a dying wish?
381 You're right. And who am I to complain? You already did me a hell of a favor. Meg needs to know. Big sigh at the beginning.
382 Now, if you don't mind... I think I'm ready to be alone now and see this through.
383 0056D335 0056D34D Thanks. Meg's tough, but she's the first leader I've had that gives a shit, and I don't want this on her shoulders.
384 You've done enough for me. So now, if you don't mind, I'm ready to be alone and see this through.
385 0056D337 0056D33B Oh thank God. I thought you were gonna kill me no matter what I said. Hugely relieved.
386 Maybe I got hours, maybe days... I just want to come to terms with this on my own time, you know?
387 And please, don't let Meg know. Just tell her the Scorched got me.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00583319 00583345 So what're you doin' here? Did Meg send you? Getting back to the question at hand.
2 0058331A 005833A0 Still here? You must really like this dump.
3 005833A1 You really ain't got anything better to do then hang around here? Slightly irritated.
4 005833A2 I ain't got time to talk. Go bother someone else.
5 0058331B 005A2B95 Heh, looking forward to it. Sarcastic. He hates being bothered.
6 0058331D 0058334D The guy in charge. You want his life story, ask him. He's in the back. Feels like the player is wasting his time.
7 0058331F 0058333B Where Lou goes ain't my business. In fact, it's no one's business but his own.
8 00583321 0058338B Well, answers the same. Sounds like you oughta learn to listen or you got some serious trust issues. Judging.
9 00583323 0058333E Meg ain't havin' us chase down the Scorched anymore, so I'm lendin' a hand where able.
10 I ain't no interior decorator, but I learned a bit from Fisher on how to fix up a place.
11 00583325 00583331 So you're the infamous "Seven-Six" she went on about. I gotta say, I was a little disappointed when Wren came over the comms tellin' us to come home.
12 I'm always lookin' forward to a good fight.
13 00583327 0058334E Yeah? Needed whiskey if you ask me. Good thing Molly hooked me up with a chaser.
14 00583329 0058333C Yeah? Real funny. Does it looks like we're having a shortage of bad jokes around here? Not amused.
15 0058332B 0058338C I was, until I got called back to try some new health drink. Needed whiskey if you ask me. How'd you know about that? Intrigued but wary that he player knows something about him.
16 0058332D 0058333F Lou ain't here. Haven't seen his ugly mug for days. You need info, talk to Kogan. He's in charge of this dump. Slight disdain, sizing up the player.
17 0058332F 00583335 The hell you doin' here? Doesn't know the player, sizing them up.
18 005A2B91 00583339 Heh, looking forward to it. Sarcastic. He hates being bothered.