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The Aldersea Day Spa is a location on the Island in 2287. It is occupied by super mutants and mutant hounds, and is described in the Cliff's Edge Hotel terminal entries.


Far Harbor, known pre-War as Bar Harbor, was a haven for the rich and elite. The spa is a leftover from the pre-War days.


Upon entry, there is a staircase on the left that goes down. The staircase leads to a locker room, which goes to a swimming pool. On the eastern side of the pool there is a room dedicated to a sauna, a steamer trunk can be found inside. Back at the reception area on the main floor, there is a waiting area and multiple spa rooms on the right. Going to the other end of the reception area, there is a door with an Expert-lock on the left, which leads outside to the Island. The door can be opened with a key.

Northwest of the Spa, hidden between rocks and some trees, there is a small makeshift camp with a sleeping bag and some junk items.

Notable lootEdit

Related questsEdit

  • Leading by Example - Possible location to be cleared of hostiles for this quest.
  • Lost Soul - Possible location to rescue the synth for this quest.
  • Quartermastery - Possible location of the Brotherhood of Steel recurring side quest.
  • Randolph Safehouse - Possible location to be cleared of hostiles for this quest.
  • Super Mutants in the Fog - A group of super mutants are using this location to harass a friendly settlement. The super mutants need to be wiped out.


The Aldersea Day Spa appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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