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The Aldersea Day Spa is a location on the Island in 2287. It is occupied by super mutants and mutant hounds and is described in the Cliff's Edge Hotel terminal entries.


Far Harbor, known pre-War as Bar Harbor, was a haven for the rich and elite. The spa is a leftover from the pre-War days.


Upon entry, there is a staircase on the left that goes down. The staircase leads to a locker room, which goes to a swimming pool. On the eastern side of the pool, there is a room dedicated to a sauna, a steamer trunk can be found inside. Back at the reception area on the main floor, there is a waiting area and multiple spa rooms on the right.

Going to the other end of the reception area, there is a door with an Expert locked on the left, which leads outside to the Island. The door can be opened with a key. Northwest of the spa, hidden between rocks and some trees, there is a small makeshift camp with a sleeping bag and some junk items.

Notable lootEdit

Related questsEdit

  • Leading by Example: Lancer Captain Kells requests the Sole Survivor's help in training a Brotherhood squire by allowing him to accompany them on a mission.
  • Lost Soul: Doctor Carrington has a lead on a synth that's in danger and sends the player character to save them.
  • Quartermastery: Scribe Haylen has identified the location of a piece of technology she wishes to retrieve and catalog. She asks the Sole Survivor for help in bringing back the technology in one piece.
  • Randolph Safehouse: The Railroad agent Mister Tims will leave dead drops in the form of six holotapes for the Sole Survivor, containing information about possible hazards to the Railroad's escort and escape of synths out of the Commonwealth. They can assist in these efforts by clearing out the location of hostiles.
  • Super Mutants in the Fog: A group of super mutants is using this location to harass a friendly settlement. The super mutants need to be wiped out.
  • Hypothesis: To aid in one of his experiments, Doctor Holdren of the Institute's BioScience division asks the Sole Survivor to obtain a tissue sample from a particularly tough super mutant and return it to him.
  • Cleansing the Commonwealth: Knight Rhys gives the Sole Survivor an assignment to clear the location of what he calls "abominations" to further the aims of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Greenskins: A group of super mutants has been terrorizing a group of settlers who are unable to defend themselves. The Sole Survivor is called on to make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.


The Aldersea Day Spa appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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