This information has been redacted at the request of Doctor Albert Leris of the psychological Research Department and chief Overseer of the Vault 106 Project. All inquiries into the goals and research methods of Vault 106 are to be directed through his office.Citadel terminal entry - Vault 106

Doctor Albert Leris was the overseer of Vault 106.


Before the Great War, Leris was the Head of Psychological Research Development for the Vault-Tec Corporation, writing a report, later featured in an article of the Boston Bugle, advertising volunteer need for Vault 88, diving into concerns about the function of Vaults, as well as dispelling rumors and ethical concerns about the program.[1] According to the Vault-Tec terminal in the Citadel, Albert was also a member of the psychological research department. He supervised an experiment involving the release of psychoactive drugs, causing disorientation and aggression of the residents into the air filtration system of the vault.


When first entering the overseer's control room, the screen will display the blue tint and the overseer will appear as a hallucination, wearing a Vault 101 jumpsuit.


Albert Leris is mentioned in Fallout 3 and the Boston Bugle Volume 12, no. 748 promotional item.


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