Dean Alan Patterson was the head of Massachusetts Bay University in 2077.[1]


Dean Patterson was mainly focused on profiteering from the university's operations and embezzling money, over the academics of the institution. Patterson hired Professor Stuart Campbell for his contacts in the private sector and access to research grants. It was a profitable arrangement at first, but what Patterson failed to account for was that Campbell was well aware of his intentions and structured his contract not just to guarantee tenure, but also give him autonomy and independence from Patterson's control and meddling.[2]

The dean did not take kindly to this independence and demanded full disclosure from Campbell,[3] especially after construction work started on university buildings, all classified and under Campbell's authority.[4] The professor refused to submit to the demands and simply referred him to his liaison, Colonel Rosemont. Since Patterson had no security clearance, he was repeatedly rebuffed,[5] and eventually thrown out of the colonel's military base when he went there to meet him in person.[6] The events further aggravated the conflict between him and the professor. The university was making money, but Campbell's flagrant disrespect for the dean's authority could not go unpunished, in his eyes.[7] In his desperation to control Campbell, the dean tried to find leverage, first by trailing him and then enlisting the aid of a suspended student. In return for forging a good GPA, Henry Mitchell provided evidence that suggested Campbell was having an illicit affair with a student, Leslie Mathews.[8][9] Patterson wasted no time in threatening Campbell.[10]


Alan Patterson is mentioned only in Fallout 4.



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