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In this journey ahead, we're going to need to rely on each other with unwavering support. The toughest trials have yet to come. But remember: we're more than a Brotherhood now; we're family.Knight Connors: Report

Knight Alan Connors was a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and a senior officer in the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force. A National Guardsman before the Great War, Knight Connors' service in the Brotherhood was greatly valued, though his death sparked a bitter internal conflict within the First Expeditionary Force in Appalachia.


A pre-War subordinate of fellow Guardswoman Leila Rahmani, Connors was from the same National Guard unit as her. Both survived the Great War, and went AWOL and joined the Brotherhood of Steel together. Alan was Leila's right hand, and she considered him a lifelong companion whom couldn't considered a future without.[1] He was known and valued by the Lost Hills Brotherhood chapter for his wise counsel, his peacekeeping efforts, and negotiation skills. He was responsible for recruiting Daniel Shin from the Mojave Wasteland, after noting his valor, defending Shin's hometown from raiders.[2]

After volunteering for the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force to Appalachia, he was said to have "a calming presence" and was skilled at dispute defusing. He perished protecting Knight Shin and the rest of the group from raiders, being recommended the highest honors by Scribe Odessa Valdez in his Codex Scroll.[3]

Before his death, in an attempt to make a report, but instead a personal log, Connors recorded a holotape reflecting on the journey so far, as well as the rest of the First Expeditionary Force, calling the team a "family", and making both sentimental and professional remarks about the team, specifically Rahmani and Shin.[4]

In reality, Connors perished defending a settlement that the First Expeditionary Force had equipped with government-issue weaponry they had found in a bunker, the weapons proving useless against the raider force, while Connors was killed protecting Shin.[5] The settlement was wiped out, with only two survivors, Maximo Leone and Marcia Leone. This incident would set off a division between Rahmani and Shin, with Shin wanting himself and Rahmani to stand trial with the Council of Elders.[6] His helmet was later utilized as a trophy by the raiders that killed him, having passed through Appalachia.[5]


Alan Connors is mentioned in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


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