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Agreement with Radicals is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found inside the main farmhouse at Anchor farm, under the stairwell, in a floor safe.


Roper: Maggie, we all benefit here. We provide you with protection and you help feed the many, many mouths I have at my camp.

Maggie: You mean you get to take whatever you want and leave us all to starve.

Roper: It won't come to that. I'll see to it personally. Now, do we have a deal?

Maggie: You can take your deal and shove it! We're not your slaves! If you want our food, you'll can--hrck. Hrrr. HRRR. Ah-ahck!

Daniel: S-sorry, Maggie. The rest of us are in agreement. We'll bring you shipments once a season.

Roper: Once a month.

Daniel: Once a month. I'll deliver it personally.

Roper: Good. Password to get inside is Blue Danube. Pleasure doing business with you.


Collecting the tape will unlock a dialogue option to accuse Daniel of being a murderer during the quest Hunter for Hire.