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Activate all the obstacle course's buttons before time runs out.

Agility Course is a side quest in Fallout 76.


The agility course is one of three exercises at Camp McClintock the dweller needs to complete as part of their basic training.


Select "Begin Course" on the Agility training terminal at Camp McClintock. Follow the quest marker to the Obstacle Course terminal, then select "Begin Course" on the terminal to start the quest. After a short 15 second countdown, the player will be given 2 minutes to complete the course.

The course consists of 7 obstacles which must be completed in order:

Sequence Obstacle
1: Tires to be jumped through
2: Rope to be walked over water tank
3: Water tank under a cover (wire and wood beams)
4: Series of wooden beams to be walked
5: Ramps to be climbed up one and down the other
6: Series of beams to be hurdled
7: Tower to be climbed

Each obstacle requires one to push a button at the beginning and end of the obstacle, both buttons are marked with quest markers and most have at least one quest marker (yellow flags) in the middle of the obstacle that the player character must pass through. Once an obstacle is completed, the next obstacle will be marked. Once the course is finished within the 2 minutes allotted, the quest will be complete.

If one fails to finish the course within 2 minutes, they can restart the quest from the obstacle course terminal.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? 0:15 : Time until exercise beginsFor this course, I'm going to have to press a series of buttons in order before time runs out. Feet don't fail me now.
?Quest finished2:00 Activate all the targets before time runs out!I did it! I completed the Agility Course! I think I deserve a box full of snackcakes to celebrate my athleticism.
?Quest failedDarn. I wasn't able to finish the course in time. Guess I'll just have to try again.