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Agatha performing her concerto

Agatha's Station is a radio station in Fallout 3 that transmits classical violin music played and recorded by Agatha. It is activated after completing the side-quest Agatha's Song.


Agatha says that the radio station is her way of paying back the traders who come to visit her. The station can be heard anywhere in the Capital Wasteland. Between pieces of music, Agatha sends messages to her listeners, telling them to stay safe and to "...most importantly, stay happy!"

Agatha says that she has prerecorded each session on the radio, which explains why it is possible to hear her playing on the radio even when standing right in front of her. Even if she is killed, her radio transmitter will continue to randomly repeat the songs that she has already completed.


In this station, there are six clips of noodling (pure musical improvisation) and five clips of famous pieces from the violin repertoire: three for violin alone, two for violin and orchestra, and one for violin and piano, or orchestra alone.

  • "Gigue" from Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita No. 3 (BWV 1006; Composed in 1720)
  • "Preludio" from Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita No. 3 (BWV 1006; Composed in 1720)
  • "Grave" from Sonata No. 2 (BWV 1003) by Johann Sebastian Bach (1720)
  • The exposition sections of the first two movements ("Allegro ma non troppo - Violin Concerto in A minor" and "Adagio ma non troppo", respectively) from Antonín Dvorak's Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53 (B108; Composed in 1879)
  • "Zigeunerweisen" (Gypsy Songs/Airs) by Pablo de Sarasate, Op. 20 (1878)


Before music is played, Agatha introduces the piece with a short quote. Many of these are dedicating the piece to a specific individual, including the Lone Wanderer, Crazy Wolfgang and Crow, with some referencing Agatha's mother and husband.

  • "This next piece is dedicated to my old friend Crazy Wolfgang. No one can scour the Wasteland and find such oddities as you."
  • "I'd like to play this next piece of music for the man out there who keeps an old lady alive and well. Doc Hoff, once again I thank you."
  • "To the traveling merchant who only goes by the name Crow, I thank you for all the times you spent keeping me company. Enjoy the music, my love."
  • "This is just a quick thank you to my new friend. Thank you for bringing me what I'd been searching for all these years."
  • "Music has always been an important part of my life. I hope you enjoy listening to these pieces as much as I enjoy playing them."
  • "Here is another lovely song for a lonely traveler wandering the Wasteland. You know who you are."
  • "If my notes sound sweeter it's all thanks to a special someone who helped out a poor old lady living alone in the Wasteland. Thank you, my friend."
  • "Remember, Agatha is with you on those cold nights. Just keep listening to this broadcast and I'll keep you company. It's the least I can do."
  • "They say recent events have made the world seem like a better place. I hope all of you out there can smile and feel better knowing that it's true."
  • "This next selection was one of my mother's favorites. I hope you'll enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoy playing it."
  • "That song reminded me how wonderful these composers were. How delightful to have such an amazing imagination."
  • "This is for all those people out there who take the time to help out those in need. Enjoy the music... you've earned it."
  • "This next piece reminds me of something my husband said. "Friendship is like a violin. Even if the music stops, you'll still have the strings.""
  • "Just a word to my Wasteland friends out there. Stay safe, stay healthy and above all, stay happy."
  • "I'm dedicating this next piece of music to my loving husband. May his soul find peace."

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  • As well as dedicating songs to various caravan merchants, she also dedicates a song to the Lone Wanderer and her late husband, as well as her mother.
  • Agatha pronounces Crazy Wolfgang's name in the traditional German style (as Wolf-gung), even though every other character, himself included, pronounces it in the English fashion (as Wolf-gang). This is most likely due to her education in classical music.
  • She will stop mentioning a merchant if they have died, though Lucky Harith is not mentioned in her dedications at all.