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Agatha is a radio host living on her own in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Agatha is a 76-year-old violinist and the descendant of a long line of talented, classical musicians, including her great-great grandmother Hilda Egglebrecht.[1][Non-game 1] Hilda was also a violinist, and among the world's best musicians, leading her to be invited to Vault 92 when the War broke out.[2] Agatha knows of her familial ties to the musician through a paper trail of letters Hilda sent to her daughter, Mary, before the vault was sealed; as such, Hilda’s "diaries" are deemed the final contact that the Egglebrecht family had with her, and the letters were subsequently passed down from Mary, all the way to Agatha.[3][4]

Though Agatha is unaware of the Vault-Tec experiment that led her to her great-great grandmother's demise in the vault,[5] she knows that Hilda was in possession of the Soil Stradivarius, a priceless, one-of-a-kind violin.[2][6] She has learned through Hilda's diaries that the Stradivarius is stored in a custom-made pressurized case, and hopes the violin was enclosed within when Hilda met her end.[7] Agatha is reliant upon this information as proof that the violin is in perfect condition,[8] and is desperate to recover it, but is hindered by her old age and lack of knowledge on Vault 92’s whereabouts.[9][10]

The house she resides in is one that her late husband constructed, and it is mostly isolated from the rest of the wasteland.[11] The couple made this decision for self-preservation, as they secluded themselves from everyone except the occasional supply caravan, having trusted in one another for "comfort and company" for several years.[12][13] While she does not know how to operate a firearm, her husband taught her how to defend herself, and she is capable of holding her own if necessary.[14][15] Aside from the house, her husband had left her his ammunition box, the Blackhawk, and a radio setup.[16][17]

The radio equipment in particular has proven useful to her as she has used it in an emergency when a group of raiders was "getting a bit too close for comfort."[18] Aside from that, its primary function is to broadcast her violin-playing; mainly for the merchants who supply her, as she is one of the Capital Wasteland’s few radio hosts.[19] She has resorted to playing a violin of her own construction,[20] but has issues with the instrument being out of tune and constantly needing maintenance.[21] Agatha relies on the violin, alongside her home as shelter, for her livelihood - she offers entertainment, both in person and over the radio, in exchange for goods from the caravans.[22][23] Due to the fallibility of her instrument, she has concerns over the security of her trade and has been waiting for someone like the Lone Wanderer to retrieve the Soil Stradivarius, guaranteeing her craft continues.[24][Non-game 2]


Agatha is well-educated and softly spoken, retaining some knowledge on the history of the Stradivarius violins and their creator.[25][Non-game 3] She is saddened by the idea that musical instruments cannot be crafted like they were before the War, and that her great-great grandmother’s Stradivarius may be the last "real" violin to even exist.[26] She is enamored by how each Stradivarius violin is a "work of art,"[6] and may go so far as to consider the Soil Stradivarius both a family heirloom and, if she receives it, like "a long-lost family member has come home."[27][28]

She has a tendency to speak in proverbs, quoting Augustine of Hippo as having said "patience is the companion of wisdom" if the Lone Wanderer interrupts her while she discusses Hilda and her violin.[29] Agatha may mention how her mother always told her the Dutch saying of "a handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains," if one rushes her storytelling.[30] She occasionally quotes her late husband and how he advised her to "always forgive and forget" such as if the Lone Wanderer mocks his loss then apologizes.[31] On air, she can be heard dedicating music to her late husband and playing her mother's favorite pieces.[32][33]

Etiquette is an important trait to her and if she is treated poorly, she may comment on how the Lone Wanderer is lacking in manners or can equate their attitude to that of a "wasteland dweller."[34][35] Although Agatha does not tolerate foul language,[36] she may be pushed to call the Lone Wanderer a "son of a bitch" if they opt to sell the Soil Stradivarius to someone else.[27]

The passing of her husband, coupled with the isolated location of her home, has resulted in Agatha becoming lonely and yearning for visitors.[13][Non-game 2] She may reveal to the Lone Wanderer how her tendency to ramble stems from her solitude;[37] however, she has managed to form friendships with the various merchants that trade with her, despite seeing them once a week.[23] On her radio broadcast, she can be heard dedicating pieces of music to these traders; she thanks Crow for keeping her company and refers to him as "my love," appreciates Doc Hoff for ensuring she is healthy, and jokes how no one can "scour the Wasteland and find such oddities" the way her friend Crazy Wolfgang can.[38][39][40]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

Icon quest starter
This character starts quests.
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This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).


Agatha's Song: Agatha asks the Lone Wanderer to recover the Soil Stradivarius and music sheets. It is possible to be locked out of this quest if the Lone Wanderer chooses to respond in a mean and disrespectful way.

Other interactions[]

With a high Charisma, Lady Killer perk or Speech, the player character can obtain her ammunition box key.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Wasteland settler outfit - - Agatha's ammo box key


  • If Agatha dies after Agatha's Song is completed, her music and voice can still be heard on Agatha's Station, because, as said in dialogue, her broadcasts are pre-recorded.[41]
  • If the Lone Wanderer makes derogatory dialogue choices, Agatha, being peaceful by nature, will strictly order them to leave her house and disallow returning.[36]

Notable quotes[]


Agatha appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout Shelter Online.



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  3. The Lone Wanderer: "You have records from back then?"
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  4. The Lone Wanderer: "Musical talent? Why would they care about that?"
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  5. The Lone Wanderer: "Do you have any information on Vault 92?"
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  7. The Lone Wanderer: "How will I know the Stradivarius when I see it?"
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  8. The Lone Wanderer: "After 200 years, how can you be certain the violin is in decent shape?"
    Agatha: "She kept it in a special pressurized case. Inside the case is the perfect temperature and humidity for the instrument. If the case is still functioning, the Stradivarius would be in perfect shape. Hilda's Stradivarius was named the Soil Stradivarius. All of them had names. That's what I want you to get."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  9. The Lone Wanderer: "Any idea where Vault 92 is located?"
    Agatha: "That's the catch. I have no idea where it is. I'd suggest making your way to Vault-Tec Headquarters in the D.C. Ruins. That would be a good place to begin. Good luck!"
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  10. The Lone Wanderer: "How are you feeling, Agatha?"
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  11. Agatha: "My my my. You certainly do look a little bit worn out from your travels. Oh, just look at my terrible manners! I'm Agatha. It's so nice to meet you. Now, what brings you all the way out here?"
    The Lone Wanderer: "That's funny, I was about to ask you the same thing."
    Agatha: "Oh, don't worry about me. I'm just fine out here. My husband, rest his poor soul, saw to it that our house was well-protected from the elements and the inhabitants of the Wastes."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  12. The Lone Wanderer: "Oh, your husband's dead? I'm sorry."
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  14. The Lone Wanderer: "A frail old lady like yourself should be careful out here all alone."
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  15. The Lone Wanderer: "No, no, no. You keep it. You may need it! "
    Agatha: "Nonsense. I've never fired a gun before in my life and I'm not about to start any time soon. You take this thing and use it to protect yourself while you're out there. I'll be just fine. Here. Now, scoot. I have a lot of music to write."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  16. The Lone Wanderer: "[Speech] I want to help you, but that type of search could cost me greatly."
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  17. The Lone Wanderer: "Sure, I'll take whatever you can afford."
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  18. The Lone Wanderer: "That sounds risky. What if the caravan never arrives?"
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  19. The Lone Wanderer: "I'm interested, but what will you give me in return? "
    Agatha: "As you may have already guessed, I really have nothing of value. Material value, that is. All I can offer you is the same I offer the caravans that trade with me. The frequency of my radio and the promise of beautiful music. "
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  20. The Lone Wanderer: "You built a homemade violin, huh? Impressive."
    Agatha: "Thank you. While my husband had his hobbies, I'm afraid mine was making that sorry instrument. I only wish I could replace it with something better."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  21. The Lone Wanderer: "[Intelligence] I guess a homemade violin is never quite in tune..."
    Agatha: "You are a clever one! Yes, that's exactly the problem that I have with it. It doesn't quite play all of the notes correctly and I have to constantly tinker with it."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  22. The Lone Wanderer: "What could you possibly have to trade?"
    Agatha: "Besides shelter? Well, I offer something in the way of entertainment: I play songs on my homemade violin and people trade me goods. If not in person, I use my husband's old radio set. The men in the caravan say it keeps their morale up on lonely nights in the Wasteland."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  24. The Lone Wanderer: "Is there any way I can help?"
    Agatha: "Now that you mention it, yes there is. My trading depends on my violin. Without it, I have nothing to play... no way to make music. If you can bring me a violin, a better one, I'd feel much more secure."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  25. The Lone Wanderer: "What do you know about the Soil Stradivarius?"
    Agatha: "Not too much I'm afraid. It was fabricated way back in 1714 by a famous Italian craftsman named Antonio Stradivari. He had made a bunch of Stradivarius violins actually, and each one was individually named over time to identify them. They are regarded as the most outstanding instruments ever made... and no two sound alike they say. Incredible. Since the bombs fell laying waste to most of the world, it may be safe to say that this could be the last surviving violin of its kind."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  26. The Lone Wanderer: "A violin? That's hardly something that would have survived the war."
    Agatha: "Yes, very sad isn't it? Sad to think that no more musical instruments will ever be made the old way ever again. Sigh. Well, fortunately, I know where perhaps the last real violin in the world exists. If you give me your word that you will recover it, I will tell you more."
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    (Agatha's dialogue)
  28. The Lone Wanderer: "How are you feeling, Agatha?"
    Agatha: "Much better lately, thanks for asking. With the return of the Soil Stradivarius, everything has changed. It's like a long-lost family member has come home."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  29. The Lone Wanderer: "This already sounds kind of like a wild goose chase."
    Agatha: "A famous man once said that patience is the companion of wisdom. If you shut your trap and listen, you might learn something. Anyway, Hilda was quite a special woman. Classically trained and exceptionally talented at the violin. Her pride and joy was her Stradivarius Violin. I can only imagine how exquisite this instrument must have been. When war reared its head, she was invited by Vault-Tec into Vault 92. They claimed the vault would be dedicated to preserving musical talent."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  30. The Lone Wanderer: "More stories? Ugh..."
    Agatha: "You know, my mother always said a handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. However, if you're that eager to get going I'll skip the story. I'm looking for a particular violin called the Soil Stradivarius. It's located in Vault 92, where my great great grandmother once lived."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  31. The Lone Wanderer: "Oh boo hoo. People die all the time."
    Agatha: "Well! That's the most insulting thing anyone has ever said to me! Here I offer my hospitality and you spit it right back in my face."
    The Lone Wanderer: "I'm sorry, the heat must be getting to me. My apologies."
    Agatha: "Sigh. My husband told me once to always forgive and forget. I suppose I should take that advice now, rest his poor soul. Consider the apology accepted, and your harsh words forgotten."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  32. Agatha: " I'm dedicating this next piece of music to my loving husband. May his soul find peace."
    (Agatha's radio broadcast)
  33. Agatha: "This next selection was one of my mother's favorites. I hope you'll enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoy playing it."
    (Agatha's radio broadcast)
  34. The Lone Wanderer: "So, what am I supposed to do, scour the entire Wasteland asking about violins?"
    Agatha: "Manners are not your strong suit, eh? I can see this will be a purely business related transaction. So be it. I'd suggest making your way to Vault-Tec Headquarters in the D.C. Ruins. That would be a good place to begin."
    (Agatha’s dialogue)
  35. The Lone Wanderer: "I prefer to keep my business to myself. And I suggest you do the same."
    Agatha: "Hmph! Well. I see you have manners I'd come to expect from a Wasteland dweller. All I've done is offer you safe harbor in my home. No need to get testy with me, young man!"
    (Agatha's dialogue)
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    (Agatha’s dialogue)
  37. The Lone Wanderer: "Sorry to interrupt, but where can I find the violin?"
    Agatha: "I'm sorry. I know I tend to ramble. Comes from being lonely. If you insist. I'll get right to the heart of the matter then. I'm looking for a particular violin, not just any. The violin you're looking for is called the Soil Stradivarius. It's located in Vault 92, where my great great grandmother once lived."
    (Agatha's dialogue)
  38. Agatha: "To the traveling merchant who only goes by the name Crow, I thank you for all the times you spent keeping me company. Enjoy the music, my love."
    (Agatha's radio broadcast)
  39. Agatha: "I'd like to play this next piece of music for the man out there who keeps an old lady alive and well. Doc Hoff, once again I thank you."
    (Agatha’s radio broadcast)
  40. Agatha: "This next piece is dedicated to my old friend Crazy Wolfgang. No one can scour the Wasteland and find such oddities as you."
    (Agatha's radio broadcast)
  41. The Lone Wanderer: "You play live on the radio all the time? That must be exhausting!"
    Agatha: "Oh, don't be silly! I record everything I play on the nice machines built into my husband's old radio gear. That way you can hear the music anytime you want, and this old woman can get some well-needed beauty sleep!"
    (Agatha's dialogue)


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