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Against All Tyrants is a three-star (★★★) challenge added in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.

Challenge requirements[]

The Courier must kill any ten named Legion members with hunting revolvers, Ranger Sequoias, brush guns, service rifles, hunting rifles or cowboy repeaters.

Name Death Counts Towards Challenge? Form ID Ref ID Location
Picus Yes 000E8994 000F6283 Camp McCarran
Silus Yes 000EE688 000F2DEF Camp McCarran
Dead Sea Yes 0011F90F 00131E7B Nelson
Alexus Yes 001300EE 001300F2 Techatticup Mine
Atticus Yes 001602AB 0015A04E Caesar's Legion safehouse
Aurelius of Phoenix Yes 0012B512 0012D6E2 Cottonwood Cove
Canyon Runner Yes 0012B514 0012FCB3 Cottonwood Cove
Cursor Lucullus Yes 0012B515 0012FCB4 Cottonwood Cove, The Fort
Decanus Severus Yes 0012B513 0012FCB2 Cottonwood Cove
Gaius Magnus No xx00C1F7 xx00C1F8 Dry Wells
Cato Hostilius Yes 0013F371 0013F372 Hoover Dam
Legate Lanius Yes 001300AA 00137A9D Legate's camp
Alerio Yes 0013A5FE 0013A5FF New Vegas Strip
Gabban Yes 001547BB 001547C2 Nipton
Vulpes Inculta Yes 001300E2 0013BF5B Nipton, New Vegas Strip, The Fort
Karl Yes 00140E60 00140E71 Red Rock Canyon
Antony Yes 00120172 00136A1F The Fort
Caesar Yes 00121FEF 00121FF0 The Fort
Lucius Yes 0011FC9D 0011FC9E The Fort
Otho Yes 00122B95 00137125 The Fort
Siri No 0011F9D0 0011FBBD The Fort


Grants 1,000 XP upon completion.


Behind the scenes[]

The name of this challenge is a reference to Richard Overton's 1646 pamphlet An Arrow Against All Tyrants, which inspired the American Constitution. It also alludes to the embossment on the barrel of the Ranger Sequoia: "For Honorable Service Against All Tyrants." This second allusion is further supported by the fact that all listed weapons are typical issue for the NCR Army or Ranger corps.