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FO3 Moira Brown in 2297

Moira Brown in 2297

Afterword is the epilogue of Fallout 3. It was only included in the first edition of the Collector's Edition Fallout 3 Official Game Guide, written as a terminal entry.



PASS: ***********

Date: 09.10.2297

Welcome, MOIRA. It is another lovely day for science!


Experiment Reports:
Irradiated Agriculture—Good response from mutfruit, strangely aggressive response to baseline sample. Purified water very helpful.
Deathclaw Communication—No language that I can discern, unless "Mutilating assistants" counts. What would they have to say, anyway?
Jefferson Purifier - Guards still refuse to allow access to see how the Purifier works. They say it's to prevent sabotage, but I think they aren't entirely certain.

Personal Note:
Just shipped out another crate of survival guides, and the caravans just can't seem to get enough of them. Sheriff Simms says they've really put Megaton on the map—pretty ironic, since I've had to redraw that map about a million times since the first edition came out 20 years ago. At least all the attention means there's no shortage of assistants, but I'm never getting another assistant like the Lone Wanderer who stumbled into my shop so long ago.

Just about everyone in the Capital Wasteland has a story about the Lone Wanderer, even though precious few ever really knew him. But that doesn't stop them from telling crazy tall tales about how he saved their lives, or blew up a mountain, or ate a car or something. Heck, if you get Simms drunk, he'll tell you that his dad died because of the Wanderer, even though he saved the town. People can't even agree on whether the Wanderer was a man or a woman, much less a saint or a monster. But they all agree on one thing: the Lone Wanderer changed the Capital Wasteland.

Of course, that's why I'm working on the new book, compiling the best and most useful tales of the Lone Wanderer for the next generation. It's not easy sorting out all the conflicting stories, but that'll be half of the fun for the readers. More importantly, between all of those crazy stories of bravery, barbarity, and everything in-between, we can all find a reason to keep on fighting our war for survival.

I guess some things never change, huh?