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The Advanced systemIn-game spelling notes are two holotapes in Fallout 4.


  • One can be found in the Institute concourse on a desk in Dr. Li's apartment (opposite Father's quarters).
  • The other can be found in the Advanced Systems lab next to Dr. Li's terminal.



Madison Li: I think he's actually lost his mind. I can't believe he really expects me to do this... I have always been on board with the Gen 3 program. It makes sense. But this... nothing good can come from this. How am I supposed to explain to my staff that Shaun wants a child synth, for no immediately apparent valid line of research? And to base the physical features off records of his own childhood? It defies all logic. No, I can't do this. I won't.

Advanced Systems lab

Madison Li: This is day... eight of trial six. The last week has been very productive, but exhausting. I think we'll need a break after this. Binet has done some really marvelous work with the personality mesh. It's... well, it's almost too good. The responses map almost identically to expectations... Some of the most life-like I've seen. Of course... It's not really Shaun. None of his memories are in there. That, even now, would be a step too far. It's starting to have an effect on the team, I think. I know I've been caught up in the moment once or twice... Just a second or two... forgetting that he's not a real boy. Still, I think we'll need to consider restricting him to the lab only for the moment. I'm well aware that others are... put off by his presence. If I were slightly more arrogant, I might consider that a sign of success...